-this is still available if you didn’t get it earlier this year.

  • Katharine

    “Thank You! Welcome to Generation Know®. Your bracelet will arrive in 3-4 weeks!”

    :bigthumb: This will be a nice little gift for my niece! Thanks!

  • Kat

    Awesome. The fine print at the bottom says 2 per household, doesn’t matter on email addy. I used the same email address, and I signed my husband up for one as well. Then I sent one to my sister and mother (they live together). This will be so cool to have!! Thanks


  • rachel b.

    I agree, my nine yr old nieces will love this:)

  • Charna rice

    That’s a nice bracelet anyone would want to wear

  • Ladysteeler


  • sarah

    would love this :

  • JR

    I never received the first one, when I filled it out back then!

  • DJ Rymalot

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  • Someone

    That’s a retarded comment…. :eek3: