-first 6,600 who make a pledge get it

  • Garden Gal

    page will not load to do a pledge.

  • Garden Gal

    got thru, filled out form, but no way to know if you are one of the 6600. entering is for a chance to win $250 WMGC and the first 6600 get the tumbler I guess. who knows.

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • Bobb

    Garden, your computer must run slow I see you saying Page Won’t Load often. Worked fine for me..

  • lifeisgood


  • sandy

    Swag code till 3pm est-GimmeBux

  • Bobb

    Thank You!! :h5:

  • Felicia

    How do u know if you got it?

  • Vicki

    heeee heeeee think I got one :fingersx:

  • Garden Gal

    not really, usually pretty good in FF. Just certain web sites seem to take forever to load, not a chronic all the time problem.

  • katrina

    hmm…i entered to win. but not sure if i got the tumbler. :dunno: guess well see later :fingersx:

  • SupaJess

    pretty good coupon there too… :fingersx:

  • EZ

    started Sunday at 12 am, so tumblers are probably gone today

  • linda lattea


  • leticia c. pham

    😎 realy?