• charna rice

    I would luv The Fall Beauty Bag

  • andrea

    This would be so so sooooo nice to have. I would LOVE to have this!!!

  • Jan bowman

    Got it ty

  • Candice grubbs

    nothing but aggravation. Put took forever, pages kept dropping or not loading all together…buttons wouldnt work….had me put in ALL info, submitted, had me verify, then came back and said I needed to resubmit cause it didnt get my samples correctly…finally, the page goes down in error. WHAT a WASTE! :uh:

  • Copycat215

    Got it Thanks Chris! :wavey:

  • Kris

    Can’t get it to work on chrome. Keeps saying error.

  • katie

    can’t get through. been trying for about half an hour now…I always get an error or it doesn’t load

  • Jessica

    This worked to so much better when it went through facebook! :uh:


    :wiggle: WOULD LOVE THIS

  • AMY1

    I’ll try for this, page is loading slow. I did just get the Target pouch in the mail yesterday that was posted about a month or so ago.

  • Carrie

    Had problems with the “request sample” button and just got through.

  • Bobb

    I finally got it :wiggle: These are so worth the time…My niece just loves when I give her these

  • beth

    NO GO!! Target, have you not learned from the past? :uh:

  • Bobb

    if something goes wrong with page loading always hit the refresh button not the back button…

  • felicia

    page wont load… i keep getting an “ERROR” message.

  • Sam

    got one took awhile

  • Lugnut

    Target is giving out very few treats today it seems! Mostly they are handing out errors! 🙁

  • Karen

    I just received 2 in the mail yesterday!

  • diane

    sorry try later

  • Gina

    Finally got thru after many errors, just keep refreshing that is what I had to do and it worked

  • Kristin

    Finally got to where I have to submit and it keeps kicking me back to verify my address. So irritating!!

  • Kitty

    I can’t get in. 😥

  • Kristin

    I love you target… but this is killing me and my patience!!!

  • Angie

    I love these, so I just kept going back and periodically refreshing until I got in. Took quite a while, though.

  • Kristin

    Sorry, but your order can’t be processed

    Please try again or order another sample.

  • Stacy

    Is this even the correct link? It links back to itself and won’t do anything (no popup form, nada)

  • Christmasbaby

    Come on Kristin, you can do it!! Keep trying. It’s slow, but don’t give up!

  • Garden Gal

    once I click on the bag it says sorry this is not available right now. try again later. what????????????

  • Janny

    Finally working now!!

  • Amber

    I finally got in. Didn’t they do a giveaway of their fall bags a couple weeks ago? I haven’t gotten mine yet but this seems familiar..

  • peekaboo

    Just worked for me, thanks!!

  • Christine

    took me an hour of trying but I finally got it, geez

  • Eugenia

    I would love the beauty bag!

  • Jackie

    :wiggle: Went through for me. Thanks

  • mary

    Thank you should receive mine in about 6 to 8 weeks :fingersx:

  • Kristin

    finally got one 🙂 yay! thanks!

  • Beth

    Wow, been trying since 11:42 finally got one.

    Man, if patience is a virtue, call me Virtuous!!

  • akiko

    finally worked for me too after an hour of trying :h5:

  • LadySteeler

    Finally got it. :wiggle:

  • Paige Vorbeck

    FINALLY!!!! It went through after what seemed 100 attempts….it will eventually come up and work, just keep trying everyone!!!

  • akbj

    I got that the first time and I had written out the answer to the question they ask you at the end as a word, so I went back and wrote it as a number and it went through.
    Thanks, Chris!

  • liz

    All gone….they said to check back…they will have more

  • elizabeth

    finally got though!!!

  • Denise

    GONE NOW :uh:

  • Tracy M

    All gone 😥
    Our samples are very popular, so it doesn’t take long for them to go. Someone just ordered the last one, but don’t worry—we’ll get more. Please check back soon.

  • Elizabeth

    All gone now.. tried during the morning, decided to wait until servers freed up a little, but alas, I waited too long.

  • Elizabeth

    Here’s a code while I’m thinking of it: I191207VC1YWFG7

    This is a one-time use code. It’s for $5 off on I would use it, but the best thing I found free were 2 tote bags for $5 (yesterday shipping was free with code FREESHIP.. not sure if it’s still active). Problem is, they want you to enter a credit card, and I don’t want to do that. Please just comment when you redeem the code, that way no one else tries to use it and finds that it doesn’t work.

  • Margo

    Our samples are very popular, so it doesn’t take long for them to go. Someone just ordered the last one, but don’t worry—we’ll get more. Please check back soon. 🙁

  • Lugnut

    Tried and tried but got nothing and now they are gone. Oh well, I hope everyone who got one enjoys it! 🙂

  • Lynell

    I got mine in mail yesterday from the last time. They are the cutest one i think so far.

  • Anji

    Gone :dunno:

  • A

    Go figure there are already a bunch listed on Ebay from last time …

  • Kristin

    I guess someone already used it because I’m unable to get it to work

  • Ruby

    hi Elizabeth. i used that code, and it worked without any problem. i ordered two reusable Micky mouse tote bags. the total was 0.00….

  • renee


  • kourtneyK

    Is this the same bag as the same fall bag that was listed before on the target facebook page?

  • Amber

    😥 started working when i had to go pick up my son frm school and gone when i got back missed it twice now 😥 :eek3:

  • Elizabeth

    It was nothing I could use so I’m glad that someone got some use out of it. =]

  • Judy

    :run: This is totally unreal. How can we get something when we can not even get in to get it??

  • Katrin

    I am still waiting for the one I entered the form for last time? Anyone else? :dunno:

  • Rachael

    I’ve seen a few people get there’s. I’m expecting mine too. I would assume we get our this week or by next week.

  • liz

    There should be a winter one coming out too

  • kourtneyK

    Thank u for the info