-starting Wednesday, September 18, and for 4 Wednesdays after that Allure will have 5,000 Free full size products available  including a Pantene anti-aging treatment, Olay moisturizer, and CoverGirl mascara. This starts at Noon eastern every Wednesday. This week’s sample is a Free Secret deodorant

  • sam

    the page says it starts on september 19th not the 18th, which happens to be a thursday not a wednesday. This is last years giveaway

  • Bobb

    It say the 18th on mine…Maybe you’re on the wrong page :dunno:

  • Teressa


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  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • Ladysteeler

    Thanks! Form came right up

  • Bobb

    Almost positive that I got through…Cause now it says “Give Away Closed” :wiggle:

  • akbj

    It has a nice countdown thing now, with the seconds counted down. You just have to type your info fast. Think I got through, but I don’t use mascara, I’ll give it to a friend. Next week will be popular with the razor, that’s what I really would like…

  • sari

    Not sure it went through, seems it wouldn’t submit

  • mc

    did anyone get their other allure products? my pantene never came?

  • shelly

    Yeah, I got one of the products but it never came either. *shrug* Whatever, it if comes, great, if not, then not.

  • Bobb

    It usually takes a couple months for Allure prizes to show up.

  • bella

    :kekeke: you probably have to allow a few more weeks/months for those to come.

  • mc

    oh good! hopefully they’ll still arrive :fingersx: thanks for the feedback guys!

  • Nicole

    my mom got her Pantene last week. you should be getting yours pretty soon.

  • Bobb

    I got the Pantene yesterday :wiggle:

  • AmyLK

    Ok In the first MINUTE the Secret one ran out. I was sitting on the site at NOON when it opened and by the time I finished filling out the form, they were all gone! WOW