-click the gift and connect with facebook. Void in TX

  • gardengal

    I put in birth date. click on the gift. takes me to a blurry picture of a blond girl and nothing else.

  • nyc

    same issue. it wont load after connecting to facebook

  • garden gal

    went thru some pages and it told me I am on a wait list? what?

  • ladysteeler

    I got the form to fill out but it would not let me enter my year of birth or zip code.

  • Katharine

    At the very end, you have to share it on Facebook, then you’ll get a notifaction, and you’ll given a link to choose wether you’ll “keep” the gift” or “give” the gift.

    I choose “keep” (but that’s because I want to give it to my Dad?!!)

  • sandy

    Me too. I don’t understand what this for.

  • lynn

    After you “ok” their request to get your friends list, your custom friends list, your birthday, their birthdays, your city, their cities, your first-born child, and your signature in blood, they will MAYBE send you a chalice.
    *sigh* :uh: