-enter code: CPPFXHM -void in TX

  • Carol


  • Jodi

    Any new codes? This one has been used.

  • katrina

    code worked fine for me–are you using caps?

  • eyes

    when you copy and paste the code, make sure there isn’t a space after the code (that the cursor rests at the very last character).

  • T

    ordered this back in march and it never came ,so i’ma try again…crossing my fingers and hope it comes this time. :fingersx:

  • T

    DON’T USE CAPS to put in the code…it wont work

  • DNM



  • Ladysteeler

    Thanks for the tips. Worked just fine

  • Kat

    Code worked for me…I got one for me and my husband. I used different birthdays, email addresses and phone numbers and it worked!! I even used the same address!! Yay thanks!!

  • jammom

    two…just sayin…

  • becky

    thank you, it said the submission was successful.

  • Jackie

    :h5: Worked for me. Hope I get it. Last year It never came.

  • Rhonda

    No longer valid…

  • Garden Gal

    I tried code caps and lower case. It will not let me click in the 2 circles at the bottom and keeps telling me to fill in all fields? wth?????????????????????

  • Marissa

    The circle at the bottom is kind of tricky due to the formatting. Keep trying to click it, you have to have it just right I think.

  • Felicia

    Just worked for me. I submitted the form on my mobile phone.

  • Kat

    Two what?! I have no shame in my game!! 😀

    If it doesn’t say one per household then that’s your fault for not taking advantage.

    Besides, people are complaining that this same offer last year never arrived, so I’m not even holding my breath!

  • Garden Gal

    got it now

  • Melissa

    Make sure, if you copy and paste the code, there isn’t a space left over at the end of it. Worked great for me! Thanks!

  • Debi

    Tried this back then, still waiting, got nothing. No shame in my game either. I cleared cookies & it doesnt work. I remember how you told us to do it for the suave products but it doesnt work. HELP CHRIS! :dunno:

  • southernbellekathy

    Thank you. :wavey:

  • 614xRocker

    I have to agree with jammom on this one….greed is never good.

  • Rachel

    The Terms and Conditions does say one per person, not one per household…

  • I got these the last time and LOVED them.. used them as wine glasses! But sadly they’ve both broken since then… 😥 Signed up using hubby’s name and it went thru no problems.. copied/pasted code (in caps) and my request was received, yay!! :wiggle: thank you!

  • Debi

    Go ahead KAT!! I am with you! :h5:

  • Jess

    I never got mine from last time, so hopefully this one goes through :fingersx:

  • Kristin

    Thank You
    Your request has been received
    😀 Whoop whoop!
    Although I didn’t get the ones I ordered in march so we’ll see

  • Kristin

    Go on with your bad self!! :bigthumb:

  • Kay

    Got one. I also ordered one last spring that never came. Hoping on this one! :bigthumb: Thanks Chris.

  • Allison B.

    I also did this last time and never got them, but again, it can’t hurt to try again! :fingersx:

  • NY

    Rocker is jealous

  • morningglory

    I never got mine last time :confused:

  • Rob

    Under terms and conditions this code works for up to 500 entries.;unless, you have a unique code which works only once.

  • Nic

    I tried last time as well…let’s hope it works this time!

  • robin b

    :wiggle: Glass came in the mail today. Just in time to wrap.

    Thank you

  • Kerry

    got mine in the mail today too! 🙂
    thanks so much!! :wiggle:

  • Just got mine, pretty cool. Thanks Freestufftimes!

    :h5: :h5:

  • Maldeets

    :h5: I finally got mine yesterday, pretty cool. Thanks FreeStuffTimes!

  • Kimberly

    It was suppose to be for set of 2 challices I only received 1 and it doesn’t sit flat it wobbles back and forth .

  • katrina

    I dont know where you saw you get 2… :confused: Everyone who signed up only got 1.

    My household got two, because me AND my husband signed up for it both.

    Sorry for your luck, but its still a free glass, you didnt have to pay for it. :h5:

  • rich

    anybody have new codes this is active again but this code wont work

  • Syd

    Yes, Anybody Have A Codes :fingersx:

  • Happy ME

    Okay Guys whats the code.. Im missing it all way around.. Can someone send me the code pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  • melvyn finch

    number 8249392285 cones up invalid