-the first 700 each day between now and October 1 will get a coupon for a free half gallon of Silk. It goes live at 3AM eastern time.

  • Ema

    what time does it start?

  • freestufftimes

    not sure, but I’ll be sure to update tomorrow when we find out. Hopefully it will be the same time each day :)

  • Kain3526

    Thanks a lot

  • tasha

    I got it at about 12:30 yesterday morning

  • Anon Person

    Due to overwhelming popularity, we have run out of coupons today.

  • AT One Two

    That’s ridiculous that it goes live at such an inconvenient time.

  • Aima Watt Chen Yu

    3:00am eastern.. 12:00 midnight in CA??? that is ridiculous!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    tried last night 10 minutes after it went live and gone already

  • Bill Burditzman

    Water with a bit of almond powder? I’ll step aside- you may have mine.

  • Bobb

    I love Silk and I got it this time :)

  • Annie Onomyous

    It says my coupon will arrive in 8 weeks – I’ll let everyone know if it does.

  • eruby

    Finally got one!!!

  • kat

    Finally a freebie that’ll be up when I am!

  • jazzbird

    I was bummed when I signed up for the coupon that it was only for almond milk. I’m deathly allergic. I’d happily have taken coconut or soy milk!