register for a free account to get a free t-shirt or poster. You have to confirm the link in your email once you register.

  • Bobb

    Got a Tee Shirt…Thank you

  • Denise

    Got a TShirt! Thx

  • strangedaze

    How do you claim it once you’ve registered. Do you need to put in a cc?

  • angela

    Never could get the thing to submit. GGGRRRR

  • Allison

    Me neither. I’ve been trying to confirm my account for the last 5 minutes. I guess there’s too much site traffic.

  • J R

    Click on link in your email to confirm. If it fails, click on ‘My Account’ on upper right (make sure you’re logged in, it’ll say welcome [your name] on upper left), then click on ‘redeem gift’ (red letters). It’s really slow though. Good luck.

  • strangedaze

    I picked out the shirt after confirming my email. When I click on redeem gift it just takes me back to the main page of gifts. How do I select? Thanks

  • J R

    Select gift again after confirming through email.

  • strangedaze

    yep I did that and then clicked on the shirt but don’t see a button to buy or put in cart?

  • Becca C.

    If you don’t see “Choose this Gift,” that means it’s out of stock. Choose another shirt.

  • Becca C.

    Ran out of black and the better looking blue t-shirt, so I had to choose the tan one.

  • Allison

    No credit card required

  • Steve

    Got a nice poster, thanks Chris!

  • Kelly Sween

    I got a pretty poster to go in a frame with glass I didn’t know what to do with:) Thanks!

  • skullover

    It’s going SOOOO slow :(

  • NicoleJ

    All of the shirts are gone:( It’s Posters now blah………. LOL

  • Stefanie

    It took forevvvvver last night, lol, but I finally got the cute blue tee with the orange and black frog in size small. TY!

  • Garden Gal

    6am in AZ and the main page of this site will not even load. oh well.

  • katrina

    Got a dolphin poster.

  • anonymous

    Now they’re charging high S&H-although-yea the item is “free”

  • adacchille

    S&H iz tooooooo much…….so not free

  • Dana James

    I got my free shirt today. I ordered it before they started charging shipping, so I didn’t pay a cent. Thanks!