-send a card using their app(first card is free) and they’ll send an iPhone case to the return address on that first card

  • ProudMexicanwoman

    I am a little confused do you need an Ipad or Iphone to do this ?Please excuse my ignorance but I haven’t gotten with the times with this app thing LOL.

  • the app works on iphones, iPads, and the iPod touch

  • kathisierra

    new treasure code for irazoo


  • Tiffany Morris

    They are all out of iPhone cases

  • ProudMexicanwoman

    So I can not do this online in the I-tunes store?

  • you can still get them, they will just take a bit longer. You can still get a free postcard as well

  • Batman

    :dunno: So I can’t send one to someone in my household?? I am not sure how this works…. If I write one with the return address it’s going to the exact same address I guess it’s not going to work?? I wanted to give it to my wife.

  • Kat

    Cool I sent a picture postcard to my brother in law of his FAV pic of my daughter. Hopefully I get the iPhone case too but either way a free picture postcard is awesome too!!

  • liz

    sent the picture then it didn’t say anything about a free case was there a code or another screen I needed to go to

  • ProudMexicanwoman

    Can this be done online ?

  • yeah that should work fine

  • no only on iOS devices

  • Kool

    Every time I press next after entering my mailing info the app just completly exits on its own. So I was not able to process my postcard to get a case. 🙁

  • Kat

    Try restarting your phone. Once it’s back on, then try the app again. Sometimes that happens with different apps on my iPhone and restarting it stops the forcing closing. Hope that helps!!

  • ProudMexicanwoman