• spacecasegirl

    Thanks Chris! :wavey: Is this more like a contest or the first few that enter? It lsaid i had received one entry and to get more by posting to twitter, and friends etc.

  • Katharine

    Thanks, got one! :bigthumb:

  • Tatiana


  • Tracy

    Bring on the seeds! Bring on Spring! Got it, TYTY

  • Flowers only

    I’ll pass…NO veggie seeds.

  • anon

    ūüôĀ WOW – you guys are great! We are blown away by the amount of LIKES we got from everyone for the FREE SEEDS! Due to the crazy response (and blowing our 10,000 goal out of the water) the FREE SEED promotion has ended. All those that signed up will get their free seeds, but we are no longer accepting entries!

    Stay tuned for other future deals, coupons and giveaways!