Β –update-They’ll have more samples available at Noon eastern for selectΒ users today.

  • Shawna

    Is anyone else having a hard time signing in?

  • Retro

    It also has Rimmel Mascara ‘Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara’ on mine as well.

  • garden gal

    bummer for me, get all the way to the end, and told must retrieve the text msg from cell phone to verify acct. I have text blocked on cell. I lose.

  • instantkarma

    I know how you feel. I don’t have a phone and it just irritates me when you have to verify through a text. I use online texting, but that never seems to work for freebies.

  • shawna

    I wish I had the mascara!! I cho
    se the fashion tape and pantene.

  • Sonya

    Yeah I don’t have a cell phone either. πŸ™

  • Nicole

    I didnt have any problems getting my items. I got a Pantene shampoo and conditioner samples and a Rimmel mascara sample. :bigthumb:

  • I β™₯ Freebies

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anita

    Have tried twice to get cell phone confirmation code; have been timed out twice. Not worth my time if doesn’t go through this time.

  • jt_austin31

    I got the cereal and the pantene, then after I confirmed the kcups and the rest showed up. oh well, maybe next time. :wiggle:

  • Tiara

    You have to put the dashes in between the numbers in order for them to send it. Didn’t realize that till the second try.

  • Beth

    Sam here πŸ™

  • Allison

    Only Gevalia and fashion tape samples for me… nothing new since yesterday.

  • denise

    that site is awesome! i got a sample of fashion tape!

  • Allison

    For those of you who got in on the first round of samples in October, how long did it take for you to receive your samples?

  • 123Tennesse
  • amatrn8

    says bad gateway everytime i try to get there

  • Jen

    right now it seems the site is down

  • janet

    you can get google voice. That’s what I did and it works.

  • Guest2


  • Amylk

    I got mine! I wish the gevalia was available again. But I love the ones that were there this time too!

  • Shirley

    Snap pea crisps, Olay, and dog treats! Yay!

  • bella

    :h5: Just got my previous box in the mail, and it already let me sign up for the next three samples. Peanut butter banana chocolate bar, yum!

  • BillB

    26 November:
    There are no samples available to you at the moment.
    Make sure you come back regularly to see what great samples are available to you!

  • BonnieP

    I got all the way to the end , entered my text message and everything and it told me cannot complete my box

  • ladysteeler

    Got sauve lotion, Gevalia and olay sample.

  • Zina

    Yes.. I got that bar yesterday based on my preferences too. It’s funny how many times I passed it up in Cost Plus thinking I wasn’t quite sure.. and here it will be coming our way to try “on the house”. :yum:

  • katrina

    I love this site!!! Doesnt take long to be able to request more samples and now I can get 3 samples in one box. YAY :run: :wiggle:

  • britney

    I love this site

  • Gina

    I love this site too! This will be my third box! and it’s so easy πŸ˜€

  • ec

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Steve

    Got it, thanks!!

  • Tatiana

    thanks :wavey:

  • garden gal

    I am so excited. I signed up for a google voice acct. selected a new number. got one in san diego no AZ area codes avail.. gv received the text msg needed to complete sign up. I have a mobile but text is blocked. I was able to right now order the gevalia, puffs, and suave lotion. the mr bubble, and morning burst was out of stock. krill and air brush leg stuff still open. so happy to have found a work around to belong to this site. WOW

  • BillB

    10 December- :uh:
    There are no samples available to you at the moment.
    Make sure you come back regularly to see what great samples are available to you!

  • Pilar

    I got the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, and Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go πŸ™‚

  • Sarah

    Same for me. πŸ˜₯

  • rbrasher

    Darn!! I always miss the good stuff!!! πŸ™

  • amatrn8

    mine didnt show up till 20 minutes ago and everything was gone. oh well always next time

  • jackie o

    yeah I’m having a hard time myself. Every time I submit my profile questions it wont save my answers.I fill them out & go to the other option and fill that one out and it does the same.

  • rbrasher

    Yay! First time I got to choose something I actually wanted. :wiggle: Last two times everything was gone before I had a chance.

  • Sarah

    What did you get? :r:

  • Yvette

    All my options were out of stock-Katy Perry perfume, Shea Moisture Soap, and Suave Lotion. πŸ™ better luck next time!

  • Flo Myszkowiak

    No matter when I go on Pinchme the samples are always out of stock.Starting to get upset. I received i order. Everything in it was delicious my dog Priscilla loved the treats. The Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Bars were so great.Hopefully I will get more free samples soon. Merry Xmas And Happy New Year Everyone

  • katrina

    All seem to be out of stock once again…. haven’t had any good luck recently with this site…. To many people joined and not alot of samples available. πŸ™

  • Margaret

    Never anything for me whenever I log in.

  • Katrina Najarro

    finally got some samples…missed it for the last 2-3 months because they ran out too quickly!! YAY

  • liz

    been doing pinchme for a couple months, great samples!!

  • Amanda Turney

    i got some shampoo everything else was gone

  • Jessica

    thanks for the heads up Chris! Got the lotion and shampoo πŸ™‚

  • Rbrasher

    They have really been offering the bare minimum lately. I got some great samples before the new year.

  • Eme has clear shampoo availabe right now

  • AmyLK

    the posted to FB that they wouldn’t have samples this week 3/4/2014

  • garden gal

    as usual the site will not load from the get go at 12noon.

  • Anonymous


  • Bree Stegman

    always out of stock

  • Ashley

    Great samples. Just a shame they are out so quickly. Haven’t gotten any for the past few months.

  • lil

    gevallia sample only?

  • Denise

    Got nail polish! Thanks

  • Denise

    I got 3 samples coming my way! Thanks Chris

  • Pilar

    Got the nail polish, and some kind of cleaner

  • AshreeVD

    Dang I wish they didn’t run out so fast…I checked the email 20 minutes after they sent it & everything was already gone. Insane!

  • Amber MK

    It runs out WAY too quickly now. It used to be a great little place, now it’s just a bit too overrun. Haven’t been able to try anything new from them since Dec last year. :/

  • Jodi Peters

    Get this I was looking at my inbox when it said 0 seconds ago on gmai and I logged in and poof the nail polish was out of stock!

  • Bill Burditzman

    Granite, marble, etc cleaner offered. Aaaand they’re out. An April fools joke on me!

  • Jose

    I got advil and the stupid kcups thing I guess if I have a bad headache I can use the advil.

  • Bill Burditzman

    4/15 Advil PM….aaaand we’re out of stock

  • Kim

    Can’t get on today….keeps saying bad navigation….

  • Kelly Sween

    the site crashed …..this is what it says to me

    502 Bad Gateway

  • Nikki

    I sent an email to them asking them to remove my account. – this kind of scrambling for samples is like someone throwing a $5 bill into a crowd just to watch them fight each other to get their hands on it.

  • Kim

    That’s exactly what it said to me…I kept trying, finally got thru only to be told there weren’t any available to me….lol….good luck

  • Kelly Sween

    agree! Sites like that make a heck of alot of money from people hitting links for samples that probably cost around 2dollars or less. Not worth it. I unliked them on facebook, going through and unliking and dropping them.
    I will stick to my sweepstakes lol I have better luck with them and they are fun

  • Allison

    I got the same thing. One of the people I referred was able to get perfume and some supplement, but nothing appealing was offered.

  • RosaBelle

    Never even had new today – 12:40 and it is all old posts – checked at 12:01 – got thru – said will post today at noon eastern time. Which is what I am at. Never saw a new post

  • Rosie

    What I would like too know before signing up, is there any kind of or charge or are the samples totally free for giving product review.

  • lrae17


  • Nikki

    For most sites, it’s free. Some of them ask for a product review after you get the sample. If you’re asked for money up front for something like that, you’re either purchasing a subscription box (like a beauty box or something) or you’re getting scammed. If you have doubts – Google the company in question.

  • Amanda Turney

    all that was there was a perfum sample and i got it. havent got anything the last few months

  • Ashley

    12:01 and it says they have no samples, they lie!

  • JenniferPaige

    Awesome. I got a sample of dove shampoo/conditioner, another sinful colors nail polish, a body wipe and a milkbone treat for my dog. Great Pinch Me day.

  • bellac

    Thanks for the reminder, just got Dove samples and nail polish.

  • Dave

    Only showed up wife account dog bone and nail polish.

  • sonyab1974

    Oh shoot. They want a cell phone number. I don’t have a cell phone! πŸ™

  • Winnie Romano

    all gone

  • melloddie

    think if you click into it, the skinny girl dark choc.pretzel is still available

  • Nicole

    they need to start offering more samples like they did in the past. Im not complaining but some times I only get one sample or some times 2. the old pinchme needs to come back.

  • Denise

    Got nail polish, coffee, shampoo, deodorant Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Carol

    tried a few times since right after they started this month and nothing other than surveys, haven’t gotten anything for several months

  • Bill Burditzman

    Well I’ll be….shampoo and coffee samples on their way!

  • nikki

    they were all out within an hour

  • Denise

    Thanks β˜…

  • kelly

    This site is ridiculous. You have to be jobless in order to get samples so only stay at home mom’s or kid’s who are home schooled can get these. Frustrating!

  • Denise

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Mel

    I don’t see anything at all. Is anyone else having the same issue? I don’t see that samples were offered yet.

  • Mashed Out

    All you said AND… these samples are minuscule. No larger than a fast food catsup package. Most are one use. PinchMe is really lame. They’re just gathering email/mail list for marketing resale at no cost to them.

  • morningglory

    Even us stay at home moms can’t get em :/

  • Butterfly

    these were gone in less than 1 minute today at around 9AM. pointless now. I did not get anything, and was there at 9.

  • rileyxrsmom

    i see all the offers but it wont let me add anything to my cart keeps saying i need to leave feedback but ive done it

  • Kristen Cajka Kirkpatrick

    I totally agree! I’m so frustrated with PinchMe. What a waste of time.

  • Guest2020

    Consider yourself lucky then. The only reason your phone must be of the cell variety is that a landline/digital phone isn’t capable of being sold as a vehicle to spammers to text you on.

  • sonyab1974

    Ahh. Good point! πŸ™‚

  • Biggus Disqus

    I logged in early & got Gevalia coffee & some sort of body wash.

  • sweetestbaboon

    Nothing showing up for me, been trying since before noon… Anyone else?

  • bellac

    Just got Gevalia and Olay. yay!

  • ec

    They were opened before noon! Thanks for the hu! πŸ™‚

  • Carol

    logged on @ 11-nothing-refreshed and was out of everything already??

  • Butterfly

    well, today, won’t let me request, keeps saying I need to submit feedback first? Yet I did, for all! Glitchy. Getting way too many emails from them, along with tons of unwanted ones. Don’t think I’ll bother with this anymore. Also pretty sure I never got the last box (or some others as well) yet they force me to do feedback on items never rec’d?

  • gardengal

    well was supposed to start 12n est. started about 1150am est. so those who were logged in early got it, those who logged on 12n lost out I got on 9 mins after 12n and of course all gone. I had 2 items. oh well.

  • daniella

    I just logged on a little after noon central time… there was still body wash, frozen food, and coffee samples available for me. I missed out on the sunscreen and hand soap, which I would have liked, but I’m not complaining!

  • Tatiana


  • henry

    “Disabled” my account because I let too many surveys expire. Good riddance!

  • Lola

    yes I cancelled my account as well, there was never any samples available and I always left there website angry, They would send multiple emails saying they had samples and there NEVER was any, I am apart of a lot of product testing sites and this is the only one the Never came thru.

  • tinypinkies

    Well, I wish I had seen these comments well before I joined up last month. I got there 11 minutes after the samples were posted. The page wouldn’t load. By the time it did. nothing was left. I’m going to cancel as well. Y’all are so full of information here. Thanks! Y’all are great!

  • with pinchme you basically can either unsubscribe or block all of their emails, it’s never anything you need to pay attention to(spam typically). Their sample offers are legit, you just have to make sure your profile is filled out, and hope that they offer what they have available to your own demographic

  • tinypinkies

    Thanks, Chris. I’ll give them a little time. Sometimes things even out.

  • Bill Burditzman

    June 9 2015- boom! samples now out of stock

  • marinegirl91

    I just got the Kura Protein Smoothie Powder – thanks!

  • gardengal

    I never try anymore. always 0 for me. I went in about 1045am AZ time and read the FB comments. launch time is 9am here….everyone had 0 or a sold out shake drink. For kicks I checked my acct and had 2 offfers and 4 bonus, which were already in my cart. My mom checked her acct, and she 6 items, some bonus. I had 5 total. WEEEE.

  • DanaN

    I sat and waited. I am always signed into this site. So I was just refreshing when 9am PST hit. Well there were no samples available. Now they have signed me out and say my password is wrong. So I have to go through the terribly slow process of recovering it while the site is super slow… yay sample day.

  • Jess

    No new samples on both accounts

  • Bill Burditzman

    Nothing in stock again- hooray!

  • twistedcarrot05

    Says no samples based on my profile.

  • Rob

    Thanks for the heads-up; I got 5 different items and a coupon, before the big rush, tomorrow! Thank you.

  • LA

    Got 6 samples today and 5 2 mets ago, bummed I missed the doggie samples last month

  • morningglory

    No samples left, as usual. And none yesterday as well. Tired of Pinch me. They were good when they 1st started, but quickly that changed. πŸ™

  • TrialPack

    gay people are bad!

  • Mumzilla

    I try to go to and all I ever get is an error (every time).

  • Laura Worley

    I got early access and got 5 samples, Dog treats, Cat food . last month i got nail polish, i love pinchme

  • no samples for me!

  • Lnn

    No samples matching my profile, again?! First they said if you *pay* for early access you’ll have a chance at samples, and now, if you *sign up* for Amazon Prime you’ll have a better chance. Wow, PinchMe started out to be a good thing…

  • Lnn

    Big thx Chris! Had 4 nice samples avail, long time no see πŸ™‚

  • nice! Glad you got some πŸ™‚

  • Carol

    Had samples in and verified, then went to bad gateway, finally got back, they had removed 3 and now stuck on trying to check out-verified address and won’t let me answer their questions regarding the products-so probably everything will be deleted… First time in ages I’ve been “eligible” for their samples-me and apparently everyone else πŸ™‚

  • Mary Dempsey Alletto

    I used to get samples from them and now they are sayong I don’t fit the profile for the samples. I am 58, female , married and own a pet. I guess Molly dosn’t qualify for dog food??? She is a dog? I am very frustrated. I used to tell people about your site. Not any more. Bye, Bye!!

  • Nothin’ today?! Seems like just pet food…

  • Jennifer Dittmeier

    guess it depends, I got bandages, fruit and nut bar, hair cream and some morning wake up stuff

  • Oh, man, now I’m sad, I should qualify for all that good stuff!

  • GirlWith Bliss

    if you rejoin with a new email it works

  • & just got the chipolte nut bar!

  • Spammed

    FYI-the popup at the end for the contest-you have to agree to their and their sponsors emails-just alone PinchMe sends 1-2 a day-unrelated to samples or feedback-I wondered what the heck with all their emails all of a sudden-now I know-I entered last month…

  • CT

    Easy I got 3 samples πŸ™‚ yay.

  • Khloe

    I wonder if you don’t provide them with feedback if they keep samples.from you

  • mel

    you must provide feedback otherwise you won’t get future samples.

  • mel

    update your profile monthly. then refresh and new samples will appear on sample day.

  • Bill Burditzman

    Me’h…the usual :
    No samples are available for you today as your Member Profile does not match our Brand Partners’ needs.

  • Bill Burditzman

    M’eh- the usual
    No samples are available for you today

  • calistair

    I just logged in to make sure that I had updated my address, and there were 4 samples available for me.

  • Bill Burditzman

    The usual: No samples are available for you today as your Member Profile does not match our Brand Partners’ needs.

  • Colleen John

    sundown gummies

  • Serpentine


    We’ll notify you when your order is en route. In
    the meantime, tell your friends about PINCHme, explore PINCHme offers
    and complete any outstanding sample feedback and advanced profile

  • twistedcarrot05

    Dude, I’ve logged into this site a lot and there are NEVER any samples available. Anyone else have that problem?

  • Serpentine

    eazy peazy lemon squeezy

  • Serpentine

    No samples are available for you today as your
    Member Profile
    does not match our Brand Partners’ needs.

  • Serpentine

    Just received a stash of samples and coupons see pics below, I got a mini gillette deorderant, a mini sensodyne deep clean toothpaste (I do use sensodyne), unidom sleep gels sample and and pure leaf tea sample

  • Serpentine

    hey guys, see what I just posted πŸ™‚

  • Serpentine

    Here’s a photo of samples I recently received in a package from Pinch Me
    includes as you can see a travel size Gillette deodorant and a travel size deep clean Sensodyne.

  • Serpentine

    This is a photo of the pinch me package of samples I just received.

  • lk

    Cool, It’s been awhile since I qualified for any samples from them.

  • Serpentine

    We’ll notify you when your order is en route. In
    the meantime, tell your friends about PINCHme, explore PINCHme offers
    and complete any outstanding sample feedback and advanced profile

  • Mary Dempsey Alletto

    Havent had a sample in over a year. They are just a big old scam!!!

  • Joan

    WTH???? I sign on and see the count down but then it just says FREE SAMPLES in the corner and no explanation of whether I’m getting offers or not? Just the same freakin screen! At least have the decency to say SORRY CHUMP IT AIN’T YOUR DAY FOR SAMPLES so I can get on with my life!!!!!