-you can earn up to 4 more samples by getting 4 facebook friends to sign up as well.

  • Ash Ambriz

    Send me samples -removed-

  • Green is Gold

    :uh: This site does not give out free samples. You have to click the links and fill out the forms from the company that is actually giving away the samples. Putting your address on an open board on the internet, REALLY not safe. (or smart) :uh:

  • Katharine

    Got it! :bigthumb:

    (Here’s hoping my friends all do it. I sent it to all of the people who I know have Keurigs, lol.)

  • Gina

    Got it! :io:
    More coffee! Yea!

  • NO_Confirmation

    Page did not confirm; is this all a gag?

  • Dawn

    working again 🙂 Thanks! :bowdown: