-first 7,500

  • ec

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Donna Smith

    won the pizza combo…BUT NOT FAIR that my mobile does not accept text messages NOR do I text because of my low vision handicap!!! So I forfeit the Pizza Combo???

  • SparkleMotion

    I won…guess where I’m having lunch tomorrow?

  • Jennifer

    Donna, use the number of someone else that you know uses text messaging (a friend or something) then either have them go with you or take a screen shot & print it to take.

  • tom

    I got one,thanks 🙂

  • eruby

    Only have a ‘stupid’ phone but do text. Forwarded the text with its link to my email and was able to click on the link and print the coupon with barcode.
    The cashier instructions say “scan barcode on guest’s phone”, but hopefully a paper version will work.
    THANKS Freestufftimes!!!

  • monkeybutts

    I won but didn’t receive the text message wonder how long it takes.

  • Tatiana

    Thanks! ..waiting for the text message

  • KBellFan2013

    I have a mobile phone, but it’s as cheap as they get. A Tracphone. Which is fine, I don’t need anything expensive. But I don’t feel comfortable letting someone scan my phone. so I e mailed the code to my personal e mail address, copy and pasted the link and printed out the code. I don’t see how it would matter once you get to Target. There’s instructions on the printout anyway for the cashier so I would think it’s more effective than just scanning the phone.

  • Tony

    won 3 hours ago , still no text

  • Carol

    won 11 hrs ago-assume it’s not coming….

  • Tre

    I won too. I didn’t receive the text coupon either. Does anyone know if it will ever come?

  • largebrick3003

    Looks dead now. Completed the quiz and saw nothing.