Link -create address labels and add them to your cart. Enter promo code: ADDFREE to make them free with free shipping. This isn’t supposed to start until next week(but it’s working now), so it might stop working at some point today -update-the shipping cost will become $0 once you enter your payment info.

  • clauemi

    Mine didn’t work, well it took off 7.99 for the labels but I still have to pay for shipping 🙁

  • Julie

    Mine, too. Shipping is $4.99 even with code. 🙁

  • julie

    No free ship :/

  • lisa

    shipping is not free :dunno:

  • carrie

    not quite sure where you see address labels?

  • rose

    Made the nicest Christmas labels only to have a total of 5 dollars for S&H!!!

    No thank you Walgreens:)

  • Randi

    I created, added to my cart, entered promo and it said it took off 7.99 for the labels and seems to look like it is going to charge ship but i went to the next page and after i entered my cc info it showed the breakdown and it took off 7.99 for labels and like 4.99 for ship. totla caost WAS 0.00 fr me! thanks so much you really are the best!

  • sandi

    Can’t do store pick up? :confused:

  • Walt Whitman

    Yes! You are correct! After entering billing info (I used an old Visa giftcard that was empty) it came out to where shipping was free! Thanks!

  • sandi

    You were right. Thanks for for letting us know. :bigthumb:

  • rileyxrsmom

    I Love these freebys Imma put these on all my christmas cards

  • clauemi

    Awesome, now it’s working once I submitted my card info!

  • Jackie

    Did the same. Put in my info and it took off the shipping. $0.00!

  • me

    Coo. Thanks a lot !!!!! :h5:

  • dannielyn

    Add the cc info on the shipping part and when you hit submit it takes the shipping off. Just like she said it worked for me. :bigthumb:

  • me


  • Crystal

    Shipping is free you just have to go all the way through check out before it shoes up. Just put in payment info than it will show total as zero. THANKS!!

  • Momof0004

    shipping is not free and I cant afford to pay for it, so im guessing we dont get it. so much for having address labels.

    Thanks alot walgreens.

  • Tony Tannahill

    😡 NOT FREE 😡 $4.99 😡

  • anon

    :confused: Well I made one up but they wanted my credit card information and nowhere did it say any of it was free – the address labels or the shipping so I stopped. Too bad because they were cute labels.

  • Tony Tannahill

    :dunno: :noes: This does go threw ,i used a card that only 2 bucks on it and it is still on it :dunno:

  • ruth marcavage

    cool, thanks I will get them before I send out my christmas cards…

  • ruth marcavage

    its free, just use the ADDFREE code and hit apply

  • kay

    Worked just fine. Got some really cute ones with lady bugs. Between this and the code out of Cravebox, I’m going to be set for address labels for awhile. :bigthumb:

  • kay

    The code is down the page from the address label you made. I had to back up 3 screens to find it. :kekeke:

  • Vann

    I got it all free. but chose not to do it as it wanted a credit card.

  • yes

    1 Address Label(s)

    ADDFREE -7.99

    Subtotal: 0.00
    ADDFREE: -4.99
    Standard S&H: 4.99
    Sales Tax: 0.00

    Total: 0.00

  • iaiaia04

    woo hoo i got them . after entering a old gift card with $0 balance i got it for $0.00!!! thanks

  • Ruthie D

    Got mine. No shipping!
    Thanks. 🙂

  • felicia

    Got mine too. thanks!!!

  • kellie

    $0 for me, THANK YOU CHRIS!!! :bowdown:

  • Allison B.

    Used an empty prepaid card and it went through for free!


  • shari

    how many do you get? Do I only get 1?

  • Tatiana

    Thank you :wiggle:

  • kay

    My comment is awaiting moderation?

  • kellie

    36 i think?!

  • southernbellekathy

    0 for me.Thanks

  • akbj

    Well, this is just surreal for me. I had to look all over to find the place to make the labels, then it said it would give me 20 labels, then it gave me 4 reasons why it would not accept the promo code! I tried it twice with no success, so I called Walgreens toll free number and a very nice young lady looked everywhere she could for the code and said that she couldn’t find it as an existing code anywhere in her system! How are you guys all doing this? Thanks……

  • akbj

    Just re-read what you said about it stopping working, Chris, guess that’s what must have happened. Will watch for them again next week!

  • Callie

    got it! Thanks!

  • Gail A.

    It worked for me! At first I thought it was going to charge shipping, but it did not. This is a good one! Another thought, good for graduating seniors in 2013. upload pic on the address labels for grad invites.

  • Candi

    Worked just fine for me, thank you!!! :bigthumb:

  • bella

    Still working fine here! :wavey:

  • debbie randolph

    AWESOME Totally free– thanks so much!!

  • debbie randolph

    try again it does work just ahve to enter what they ask for and it comes out free after card information!

  • debbie randolph

    try again they are free really!!

  • akbj

    Got it! Finally figured out that I was on the wrong site of Walgreens, I hadn’t gone to Walgreens photo before. So it’s still working! So cool!

  • Laura

    “We’re sorry, coupon code(s) ADDFREE cannot be applied. Please check the coupons and try again.”

  • Jolyne Dunn

    Thanks! This is the first time I have gotten personalized labels.

  • Shar

    Worked just as you said! Shipping came off after payment entered – thank you!

  • Lucy

    This just stopped working. Live chat said it was only supposed to work for one day and that is 11/26/12. He said they have corrected it in the system so it will only work that day. Guess I’ll try then…


    Does anyone have the new code for this for November 26?

  • there isn’t one, they canceled the promotion

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