-click get started and go through the steps to get the form.

  • kellie

    Anyone getting this to work? After I make the pic of my friend and click Share it just says Posting….and then nothing. lol :uh:

  • Paige

    Got it :h5: Thanks Chris

  • jan

    I got through the whole thing but it did not say anything about a sample or give me a form to fill in??????

  • janet ortiz

    App is not working

  • Paige

    After you tag your friend in the pic it should have gone to the form. I got it to go through after trying a few times using google chrome.

  • Ginger

    As always I got through and got one :bowdown:

  • julie A

    thanks! 🙂 I used tab to fill out lines & then enter on submit button, thanks!

  • alonzo smith