-it’s for the first 1000 starting today, but they don’t ask for address so maybe they’ll contact you

  • Chris
  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • susan

    I signed up – I do want to start walking too. A pedometer would be a huge help. I had ones years ago and gave it to a friend.

    Hope I get this! :fingersx:

  • kathisierra

    we won’t be getting the John Deere cap
    Thank you for participating in the Nortrax Reman parts promotion. Unfortunately, that promotion ended on 3/31/2009.

    We encourage you to continue to visit for possible future promotions.

    To find the location nearest you, please visit:

  • Norma

    this is only for the first 1000 registrars. I couldn’t get it. :cry:

  • Heather

    I just got that too, but couldn’t remember which one it was from. :(

  • Ann

    Got it too, no John Deere hat for me! :(

  • alek

    I am so happy with the waldbaums easy solutions booklet! They have good store coupons. Like 50 cents off pillsbury cresent rolls. Combine that with 25 cents off manu coupon but triple to 75 cents and 50 cents off get $1.25 off on cresent rolls if on sale free rolls!

  • Alicia