• SWAGBUCKS code for those of you who didnt see it in the last post: TradeIn

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • KathyinFla

    :bigthumb: Got the SB – thankya!

  • :io:

  • Alicia


  • kathisierra

    I figure I will be done with winster and win spin win next month after I cash out, and can spend more time on the contests. :rofl:

  • kathisierra

    Will also check all those survey sites, and see what I can cash out, and finish those up. LOL I will have lots of free time.

  • lexi

    “Hey there,

    Thank you for applying to participate in our Gain with Febreze Freshness Tryology Program. There was so much interest in this program that it is now full.”



  • Kris

    :mail: brought the “Herbal Remedies” book that was posted in the last few weeks.It is pretty good also the Bodycology sample works nice, but not a fan of Cherry Blossom scent. :kekeke:

  • lexi

    update on my swagbucks account, for anyone that cares. lol.

    TSG said I was deactivated for having multiple accounts… My family has only one account and one account only. (only I use swagbucks!) When I first joined, we had two but I emailed them and they deactivated one for me, so this whole time I’ve only had one. I replied and told him that. Let’s hope for a speedy reply and a reactivation soon. :x:

  • kathisierra

    good luck to you lexi :h5:

  • lexi

    thank you very much! i’ll definitely need it. :bigthumb: :kiss:

  • Yeah, I got that same email. Oh well I guess better luck next time to us.