-first 500 -the site is running slow

  • katrina

    The system is currently busy
    Please try again later.
    I keep trying to refresh but get this message each time.

  • Denise

    me 2 😠

  • Vixenamour

    Was able to get to Question 1 ,.: Finally :. Aaaannnnd, somehow I think that there will NOT be a Question 2 in my future, :*(

  • retrograve

    I finally got through and finished the survey. No clue if I will actually receive the nail polish but fingers crossed regardless.

  • e

    Was able to do survey. It didn’t say anything about receiving nail polish or anything so I don’t know.

  • Chris

    I got to question 2. When I said I didn’t really read that magazine, it shut me out. NO nail polish.