-thanks twk114

  • Tymes

    Gracias twk114 / Chris ..These Are Always Good

  • tamie

    thank you so much twk114 my pass just ran out. :h5:

  • Jenny

    YES! Thank you so much! :h5:

  • tonya

    Mine had just ran out too-lol! Yeah for another free month!

  • heather

    I have a question. I am already a pogo member and I applied this too my account and it accepted it, but does anyone know if I will get an additional month say after my yearly membership expires? But my membership doesn’t expire until January of next year. Thanks. :dunno: :wiggle:

  • heather

    Oh I also have 3 5 day guest passes if anyone would like them. just send me a message on pogo, my name there is VinLover4eva77. :wiggle:

  • will

    Thanks you sooooo very much twk114. My pass ran out yesterday and I was so bummed about it. And, guess what? They let me keep the badges I won b/c when I just signed up for this pass it shows my favorite badge. Thanks again, another month of pogo addiction :noes:

  • :h5: Mine ran out 2 days ago. Thx!

  • This free pass most likely was not added to your account since you’re already a member.

    On that link above it has:

    “Limit one Guest Pass per Screen Name. Current Club Pogo members excluded. You may cancel at anytime and the tokens are yours to keep. This offer may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, Gift Card, rebate and other discount Coupon. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.”

  • I like playing pogo too sometimes… it’s no guess that my name on there is:



  • Yeah, you get to keep everything you’ve won (badges, tokens, etc.)

  • Jamie

    lol.. mine is alwaysbadd2…

  • Jamie

    Thanks, but I’m a member (and pogo addict!)

  • PiratePride

    my pass JUST ended. Thanks twk114, and Chris. I love the pogo passes

  • It was nice chatting with you on pogo LOL :wavey:

  • PiratePride

    For those of you who play, my name on there is babyxboogerx13, add me to your friends if you’d like, find me, and whatnot lol 🙂

  • marieplayer618

    my guest pass just expired if u can help me i appreciate it

  • Heather

    :wavey: Im downunderpixie on pogo add me if you like..would love a guest pass if anyone has one to spare..Thanks..hugs

  • Rose

    :wiggle: Yes!!!! Thank You So Much LOL

  • DragynMastr

    please i need a 30 day pass

  • li86559

    how do i go about getting a free pass to club pogo?

  • icnbeallthtanmor

    hi i love pogo so much but cant aford to u have anymore free passes?

  • Sonyab Amelung

    In need of club pogo pass,

  • Sonya Amelung

    Please send club pogo pass

  • Sonya Amelung


  • Gilbert Brown

    May I please get a month guest pass for pogo games. I cannot afford the monthly dues but am trying to, but to no avail as of October 10, 2008.

  • mayra

    hi i seen you have some passes my membership just expired and i cant afforded to get another one now.So if u still those passes i would luv one my pogo name is mayrah6.Thank you

  • josey16

    i would love to have a free pass for the year thank you i love playing club pogo

  • Lee

    I would love to have a free pogo guest pass…I love club pogo

  • Sonya Amelung

    in need of a club pogo pass ………
    thank you so much……….
    you are so kind

  • josey16

    my pass run out and and i would love to get afree pass for the year because i don’t own a credit card but love to be a member is their a way i can i have two screen names and would love to trafer my token and badge to one account and i need help one screen name is josey16 and the other is sexymommy

  • SouthernGirl12

    I was interested in getting a club pogo guest pass. I am on disability and really don’t have the money to join. Thank you very much.


  • kenney turner

    i would really enjoy a club membership for a whole year ty very much :fingersx:

  • violet

    i love playing pogo. can i hv a year of passes. tq so much

  • Shygal777

    i would very much like a club membership for a year, i enjoy the games and people i meet there. Thank you very much.My screen name is Shygal777

  • MsSNFiesty

    my free month pass ran out is there anyway to get another free month or just weekly passes?
    I would like a month but anyone wanting to keep me in weekly passes and gain youself points feel free to do so I appreciate it

  • tenderluvs


  • Hallie

    Hi there My pass just ran out, I really love to play, don’t have a cc, Is there any way I can have another free months pass.

    Thanks so much

  • rorl

    hi there can you please send me a pass ? i love to play pogo. thx

  • rorl

    hi every one i have had alot of fun playing pogo. will you please send me a guest pass for 30 days. i really would enjoy playing other games. thank you very much.

  • christine

    could someone plz send me a 30 day guest pass i would be forever greatful

  • mary

    can someone please give me a 30 free guess pass i would really appreciate it thank you so much

  • Sonya

    :rofl: :rofl: Please help me …… i would like a free guest pass……thank you very much

  • Sonya

    :mail: hey, I’m down and out please send
    club pogo pass…….. :uh:

  • joy

    i would reallylike another club pogo pass i really enjoy playing it thank you

  • joy

    :noes: :kekeke: :uh: :naughty: :bowdown: :dunno:

  • hiimboxman

    can i get a guest pass please! and Thank you

  • Bearwolfman08

    i need a 30 day geust pass pls help thxs

  • Sonya Amelung

    :noes: :wavey: :bowdown:

  • Sonya Amelung
  • aj

    how do you get your new 30 day pass to work? i had one and it says i cant use another one?

  • Karissadawn

    How do I get a free pogo pass…mine is almost out and I enjoy playing bingo…my name is Karissadawn on Pogo. Thank you!!!

  • ken

    you can get a 30 day free pass just go to how can i get a 30day free pass it will take you right where you have to be to get one.

  • ErinNicole

    :uh: i really want a free club pogo pass…if any of you have a free pass send it to me or something my pogo name is ilovechaseallen tnks :t:

  • steven kertes

    my guest pass ran out can anypne help me out with another. MY id is castudboi.

    thanks 😉

  • Cynthia

    I too would be ever so greatful if someone could send me a free pogo pass. please and thank you

  • JDogg42

    Wassup 1 for BstrBuny5

  • bamamom0474433

    i would love a free pass, i cannot afford to join, so i get it when i can

  • dottie kelly

    How do i get a 30 day pass ?

  • Kristin

    anyone who has an extra pass i’d love to use it 🙂 …. thanks

    email :

    pogo s/n: k0tt0nm0uthkw33n

  • dolly

    please someone give me a month pogo pass

  • Marie

    I would like very much to have a month pass.
    My screen name is EarthAngel287. Thank you very much. Marie

  • anon

    go here for a free month of club pogo

  • anon
  • melissa

    :confused: i would like another 30 day pass plzzzzzzzz

  • Brandi

    I had a free month guest pass and it just ran out I would really like to be able to get another one.If u can help me that would be great. My screen name is Swimmingswan_

  • linda

    i would like a free 30 day pass again mine ran out

  • dave

    you have to change name everytime you get a pass just go swimmingsgwan_1 then 2 and so on

  • poolplayer620

    welcom to the game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annes610

    a free pass would be great please the pogo quick and simple 30 day pass site has expired

  • gabbyj2009

    please please would anyone know where i can get a free month pogo pass

  • fatalalatr2u

    would love to have a months free pass ty

  • sxygoodgirl284

    can i please have a30day free pass i never had one

  • lurica12

    i need another free 30 day pogo pass


  • spacenutt3

    please may i have another free month

  • playersmanz

    could i please get a pass?

  • Arnold

    here another place u can get free pogo 1 month pass hurry expires 1/31/09

  • Arnold

    i hope evry 1 get to use the pass , if i find another will post it here , gl and have fun

  • anniepooh0001

    do anybody know how to get a 30 day pass if so could u please let me know.Could someone please just send me a guest pass thankyou. :confused:

  • Arn
  • karen

    arnold tyvm was very helpful

  • Ashley

    Help I would like to have a 30 day free trial plezzz!!!!!!

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • Gina Schmina

    Would someone please send me a pogo guest pass? Thanks so mch! :h5:

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean

    heres the link for pass

  • Renee Allen

    Ty for this info. The other site expired and I wanted another stab at it. You’re the best !!!! Ty for posting this.

  • bryan

    please help me i would love to have a pass to pogo :wavey:

  • priscilla moody

    I would like one month free pass to pogo,please

  • nichole

    i would like a free month of pogo so i can interact with lots of my friens that are on there also alot of my family are club pogo members and i cant get on the games that they are on so could you please get me the free month pass i would appreciate it thankx so much

  • anniepooh0001

    u cannot use the same name :mail:

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean

    here go to this link

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • tammy

    thank u so much.u made me smile.

  • robin

    how do i get htis free month i dont no how to :uh:

  • martin
  • jacyln

    hmmm :dunno:





  • alice

    has anyone out there got a free clob pogo pass that bi can get thank you very m uch

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • morningdoves


  • morningdoves

    would like a frre month pass

  • lyndon

    how do you get a free 30 days

  • hothothothoothto

    :mail: cool dog

  • cathyanthony

    i love 2 play pogo

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean

    this pass expires in 4 days get it while its still up :
    :wiggle: :h5: :h5: 😎

  • otis reed

    i wpould like free pass had it before but i love club pogo want to keep playing and meet new friends again i will joing again when i have the funds

  • otis reed

    i would really love free pass so i can play club pogo i really love it had it before but ran out want to meet new friends and will join when i get the funds let me know ty very much

  • Gil B.

    To: Arn Thank you for the info on the 30 day pass. I am enjoying it. And to others who want one here is the info, and remember you can only use 1 screen name per pass. If you want the 30 day here is what you do: Have fun all !!!

  • mike

    please send a free mouth pass please

  • mike

    sent a free plase i would like one if u have them ty

  • dbrizzee1

    :wavey: could i please have a 1 month club pogo pass as i really like playing the games and so does my 5 year old. tyvm 😀

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • ArnoldDeCaribbean
  • Gilbert B.

    Arn, just a quick note to let you know I did found the site ok and my wife and I are enjoying playing. Appreciate your help and Thank You so much. Gilbert and Beth

  • jamesrcolon20

    i need a 30 day free pass plz 🙂

  • nikkigad

    can i get a free month pass to pogo please i am addicted but cant afford it right now

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean

    you can try this link but not sure if it still works , says it would expire 1/31/09 , if it works plz let me know .

  • Renee Allen

    I tried it and it still works, even tho someone said it expires on the end of January and it’s Feb. 8 now. GL all.

  • tammy corneto

    may i have a free guest pass too please!! :bowdown:

  • poohbaby291976

    plase i would like one if u have them ty :wavey:

  • FX4

    i cant get it to wprk ill take a free guest pass i click on the link and nothing happens

  • Renee Allen

    It works, trust me. type in the link and it’ll pop up for ya.

  • Renee Allen

    it works, I’m using it now.

  • ArnoldDeCaribbean

    when did u get ur pass Renee, had to be before the 9th of this month cause this one is not working and there arent any around either , i am looking to find another but pogo isnt given any 2 week or month passes out that i can find

  • Renee Allen

    I got my month pass on Jan. 17th, per this website and it may even have been you who put me onto it. Are u saying that link doesn’t work now? Send me an email, if you don’t mind, ok? Sometimes I have to scroll down alot here and I’d rather just have an email.

  • Renee Allen

    I also used the free pass link on Jan. 24th. I just looked it up. I think they’re all gone now. Lots of rooms complain that they don’t like people getting free passes – they think everyone should pay, so maybe someone spoke their mind and Pogo did away with it.

  • patricia

    where can i get a free month of club pogo. I let my kids play my son has autism and aspergers along with adhd and he loves the games on pogo, hes only 7 yrs and my 4 yr old daughter loves playing on pogo im in need of a club pogo pass 4 a month plzzzzzzzzzzz….if u can help me thank you so much ….thanks patricia

  • Renee Allen

    Not sure of any links at the moment. I researched it high and low and all have expired. Sry. If I do find one, I’ll post it here, like someone else who was nice enough to do it when I found it.

  • nuttygurl76

    my pass ran out can you plz send me another one plzzzzz

  • Renee Allen

    I don’t think there are any more links for free passes. I checked everywhere I know and I don’t find any.

  • pheonixphyreH

    when other passes or promo codes show up could someone email me… mine just ran out, apparently it was only good for 2 weeks… I’m totally bummed out, I just got a load of tokens and about 14 badges.. and now my mini snapshots and clothes are gone… I’m freaking… seriously…

  • pheonixphyreH
  • WwPappy17

    He Loves playing pogo games especialy worldclass solitiare.

  • tinkerbellk

    could i please get a 30 day pass.

  • jennifer

    :fingersx: hi i would like one of the free 1 month passes to pogo please

  • GrumpyOldMen

    I am a new pogo player, and I need a 1 month pass.

  • Renee Allen

    I don’t think people are reading the comments. THERE ARE NO FREE PASSES, lol. If I find one, I’ll post it here!!!!

  • kgANDkjAREinLOVE

    hi my screen name is kgANDkjAREinLOVE

    i was just wondering if i can have a 1 month guest pass because i have never had 1 befor and i was just woundering if i can get 1, i have never played club pogo befor but i have 2 names allmost the same but thare not the same would that mater, because i would like 1 month guest pass befor if u can make that happen i would be so happy plez and thanks 🙂 truly me

  • kostas

    i would like 1 month free pogo pass

  • Megan

    How do you get the free Club Pogo pass??? :fingersx:

  • Renee Allen

    That sure is a nasty little screen name, Megan. You should dump it, not becoming.

  • diane

    dear grumpyoldmen, from what i notice , there are no free passes right now for clubpogo

  • loveubaby304640

    I would like a free pass to pogo my just ran out. thank you karen

  • Renee Allen


  • tearsofblue110


  • fritokid

    please help me to get a new mount pogo pass

  • ken

    Please give me the one month pass so i can keep playing.

  • shellBnil

    How do i get a free month pass. Please let me know, i would appreciate it.


  • michisan1

    have you a guestpass for me for 1 month?

  • w.aitkenhead

    I thought that i had a free pass but idid not see any benefits

  • Julie

    :fingersx: I would like to know how to get a free pass for club pogo? I what to know what it is like. Thank you for your time.

  • Julie

    I forgot to tell you my screen name: JLewis2009.
    Thanks again.

  • christina


  • Janie

    :h5: I want to play free on Club Pogo as much as possible!Mainly because i don’t believe they really pay out those jackpots!They have a multimillion dollar racket going on!

  • Renee Allen

    None of the “free pass” links work. I even did a Google search. If anyone finds one, I’d sure like to know.

  • Janie

    :naughty: Pogo must be really mad at me!LOL! None of the free links works & I tried to pay for a month with my Visa & they wouldn’t accept it from me as they usually do.
    Could be because when i tried to cancel my account,they kept right on taking payment out every month & i had to send a stop payment notice to my bank!
    I’m disabled 7 can’t always afford the club,but they don’t care!Take that Visa # & run with it,POGO!!!

  • mike

    i demand a free pass to what ever this is .

  • babygirllove26


  • babygirllove26


  • Janie

    A friend of mine gave me a free 5 day pass & I had to put it on another ID.This is the only way you are gonna get free passes. :mail: :wiggle: :wavey: :uh: :h5: Get yourself alot of rich Pogo Buddies!

  • stella hagen screen name abby1944pei

    :uh:on febuary 8th i paid for 1 year with my husbands visa card now you keep telling me my time is up whats up with that? id like a free month till you sort this out without me loosing the tokens i worked so hard to get stella

  • Renee Allen

    Stella, I don’t think this is a pogo site, it’s only “info”. I guess you’d need to contact the Pogo site.

  • Janie

    We need to tighten our belts & go elsewhere to play free games!
    Pogo are crooks!
    I play Simslots.They ARE FUN & HAVE ALOT OF DIFFERENT GAMES.I like Tropical Safari best.
    They give prizes away every month just like Pogo,except they have one main prize of a thousand dollars,no jackpots on games.

  • Renee Allen

    P.S. Someone named “haha” sent me a 5 day pass. Anyone own up to that?

  • georgie

    Does anyone have any Club pogo pass want to give away please I need same. 5 days or 1 month or 14 days or 1 year. Please let me know thank you if you send me same

  • Amanda

    I am a new member to pogo and i am looking for a month or a year Club Pogo Pass…can somebody please help me? I would really appreciate pogo screen name is xxmeena12xx I am a first time Pogo player and dont have the money right now it buy and want a month or year pass to try it out so please can somebody help me out :wavey: 🙂 ty

  • otis red

    i love club pogo wont play unless i have club pogo thats where my friends are hope u let me have it ty

  • mike robien

    i need some free pogo tokens please,verry good site to get free pogo tokens

  • plyrterry336

    could u please send me a 30 day pass for club pogo i am disable and love too play the club game but can not afford it 😥 thank u so very much terry waters

  • Yaya

    can i please have or can you please send me a free club pogo pass please thank you and please. My screen name is MissGoGetta6

  • plyrterry336

    :uh: that they r it say send friends a guest pass and members send them to u and u an not used them and i think the price is to high for people to get pogo club with the way things r now i have meet a lot of nice member on pogo but if pogo going to keep everyone out from the good games then they need add more free ones and not all poker or casino

  • teresa johnson

    i have a guess pass if you need won

  • plyrterry336

    yes i would love one thank u very much and very gratful to u thanks abillon terry

  • george

    how do i get a30 day guest pass

  • geogre

    tell me how

  • geogre

    i love club pogo

  • otis red

    i love club pogo send me free pass for month

  • Joe Smith


  • angie7741

    please can i have a 30 day pass :wavey:

  • plyrterry336

    please there seens to some confusetion i do not have any guest passes i,m looking for a month pass or even someone that would like to give a gift of a year to club pogo cause i,m sick and dis able and can not afford to get a year myself i know it,s alot to asked for but i would be very gratful to anyone who could send this to plyrterry336 love dice city roller thanks so very much plyrterry336

  • candynmike2008pl

    I would like to get a one month free guest pass to pogo games please, I love pogo.

  • candynmike2008pl

    please notify me by email

  • kurbchecker

    please if anyone has a guest pass i could use one i havent had one for like a whole year please it will be so appricated email me the guest pass

  • plyrterry336

    dear candy mike i am sorry but i do not have any passes i,m looking for them myself to be able to play clubpogo



  • plyrterry336

    :dunno: i do not have passes i,m looking for them for myself cause i,m not a club member either so sorry

  • Dragon12gbplayer

    :noes: I am looking for a 1 month free pass as well and I have never been a club pogo member but all my friends are and they play in rooms that I am unable to play in. 😥 Please let me know if you can help as I would greatly appreciate it alot. :fingersx:

  • roaddog72773wife

    I love pogo but dont have a job anymore to pay for it

  • anonymouse1

    i would like a 30 day pass if one is avalible,thanks

  • candynmike2008pl

    I am still trying to get a free one month guest pass,please,my email address is

  • candynmike2008pl

    :uh: still waiting and hoping for a one month guest pass to pogo games.I am a pogo attic

  • candynmike2008pl

    my email address is hoping for a one month guest pass someone can send me,I be forever thankful :wavey:

  • carolyn

    :uh: how can i get a 30 day free pass

  • jbrown

    :bowdown: :confused: :fingersx: :uh: :h5: thank you :

  • candynmike2008pl

    :h5till hoping for someone to send me a free one month guest pass,my email address is
    I thank you so much. 🙂

  • sandy

    Could I get a free one month guest pass?? Please :uh:

  • kristina hawk

    could i please get a free one months pass pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • candynmike2008pl

    I thank you plyrterry for responding to my request,and I do understand,and I wish you good luck in finally being able to get one to.I to love pogo games. ty n gl to u 🙂 candynmike,

  • candynmike2008pl

    ty plyrterry and I thank you for replying to me,I wish you good luck in finally getting one to,and ty again,gl 🙂

  • mike robien

    thanks for the free pogo pass ill be sure to use it

  • mike robien

    ill take anything freealmost anything

  • mike robien

    free stuf is good

  • mike robien

    lots of good things in club pogo

  • Ducky2929

    I would love to have a free month pogo pass please :wavey:

  • candynmike2008pl

    I am still hoping to be able tp get a free one month guest pass,if anyone would have one to send,I’d be very thankful.

  • steve

    :)i would like a 30 day guest pass for pogo.

  • candynmike2008pl

    I think we are just wasting our time here,as I doubt if any of us will be getting a pass,way it seems :confused: :confused:

  • keke

    hey im not sure just came upon this but im a club pogo member im not sure about the month thing but i do have two weekly passes i never use them so you guys are more than welcome to them just email me on pogo im sure i won’t be back to this page to see who wants them my name on pogo is (keke2784) take care

  • Lisa

    i would like to have 1 month free club pogo pass please

  • candynmike2008pl

    I am trying to get a free one month guest pass,would certainly appreciate if someone could spare one to give me;Thank you, is so send to

  • jbrown

    😮 😮 😮

  • mike robien

    thanks for the free pass i like it alot

  • Maggie

    Can anyone tell me how I can get a free pass on Pogo? I used to get one from CP Autos but they don’t offer them now.

  • mike robien

    i sure cant get afree pass here

  • candynmike2008pl

    I don’t think any of us can ever get a free guest pass here,me I give up on it

  • Renee Allen

    Your best bet for a pass is a 5-day one and go into a pogo room and ask someone for one. The month ones are gone, at least for now. I have friends who give me 5-day ones all the time.

  • Mysti

    Hi, I am new at this. Will someone tell me how to get a free pass for pogo? I have never had one & would like to try it out.
    Thank you, Mysti :wavey:

  • roadchick44

    hi i am a single mom and dont have much time to play games. Once my baby is down for the night that is time to let my hair down and play some games. I would like to have month pass please to try ti out and decide if i like it before i buy a pass.
    thank you very much

  • biskitz4m3

    :uh: does anyone happen to have a guest pass for any amount of time? i have a league to host and i cant without it lol, any help would be appreciated thanks.!

  • becky19739

    i have been with pogo for years now and i miss it so much …. some people dont have alot of money to get a year and we should be able to use some of our tokens to help with the renew of club pogo . im williing to use 1000 tokens for each 5.00 dollars to help get pogo name renewel .. if any one agree with me just e-mail me and maby we can think of something … i love pogo i have meet alot of great freinds on there THANK YOU ….becky19739 just add 🙂 🙁 :wiggle: 😀 :wavey: :mail:

  • becky19739

    bis i have a week pass just add me becky19739 and i will add u

  • becky19739

    bis i have a week pass but my husband can give you a week pass i will have him to add you and he will add you

  • bob

    u need to leave your pogo username

  • plyrterry336

    :uh: my pogo username is plyrterry336

  • mmtdavis23

    would someone please send me a free month pass i would appreciate it

  • PassMeTheReD

    can some one plz send me a free pass ty

  • marlene

    i would like a free pass for pogo.i am going to order my pogo next month.may 3,thank you

  • playerplayer53

    why do you have to keep changeing your name because the promotional code that you sends never work and in order to go to pogo club you have to change the screen name that you are using.

  • girlofmydreams

    hi can i get a 30 day passs i have never had 1 befor and i was just wondering if i could get 1 plez thanks , if u can plez send it to my mail thanks

  • cityfemm

    is there anyone i can get a free 5 day or month of pogo pass please

  • cityfemm

    my screen name is vneasie

  • EagleWing77tplay

    If a Month Pass could be given it would really be appriaciated.Hope to return the favour sometime.Thank you very much! :wavey:

  • Lil

    I’m looking for a free Pogo pass. Thank You.

  • foxxymomma11272

    can some one plz send me a free pass ty

  • threeleafzz

    Please could i have a club pogo monthly pass. I would be very gratefull.. Thanks :D:D

  • jmingming1986p

    😥 im trying to get a pogo pass everything i do i try it wont give me it and when i use my dad credit card it says wrong number ,i miss playing my canasta ,and the other games in club pogo so if anyone could help me see if they could get me a pass for 30 days or 14 ,it will make me 🙂 if u want to talk to me on aim my email address is there

  • Lauralee

    Do anyone have a club pogo membership to share, for some reason the guest passes won’t work for me

  • kellymarie6757

    i cant get my free club pogo pass to work

  • MissGoGetta6

    I haven’t beening on club pogo for a while, and i wish i can get a club pogo pass. If so can someone please send me a club pogo pass please.

  • Renee Allen

    Pogo now has 14 days free Club games – it’s on their Home Page. All you have to do is sign in.

  • lil d 185


  • LIL D 185

    i need free pogo passes

  • Renee

    As if anyone would give anyone 9 passes !!! Anyway, this promo is over as of several months ago.

  • playergina710


  • carlton stickman

    i like a free pogo for month how do i get to recieve it PLEASE LET ME KNW BY E MAIL THAX

  • Holly

    Can i plz have a 30 day pass plz………… :noes:

  • julie

    if you want a free months pass on pogo go to you will get free tokens and right at the bottom of the page is a free months pass. but it can only be used once good luck i dont know how long it is on for :x:

  • Renee Allen

    Julie, I looked on badge addict’s bottom page and I didn’t see it – there is an offer, tho, I saw, but nothing free. Is it gone, do you know?

  • julie

    hi renee go back to the badge addicts site then on the left of the page in the colomn you will see something for Free Tokens click on that then scroll to the bottom of the page with the list of free tokens and it should be there one month free. But will only give it to you once in one username so give it another shot if problem i will try to help if i can goodluck

  • Renee Allen

    julie, this is funny, but I see “free groceries”, etc, but nothing about a free pass, lol. Am I a dingbat or what???
    Ty for responding, too, by the way.
    I’ll keep “searching”.

  • Renee Allen

    Julie – I found it, LOL, and ty. I think I was being “blonde”, lol.

  • julie

    glad you found just hope it worked

  • Gerald Geisler

    Hello, I am laid off at this time. My I have a one month membership please. Thank You Gerald Geisler

  • Renee Allen

    Gerald, there is a free month pass at the bottom of the 2nd page in badge addicts.

  • jennifer degoma

    i have kids…. i would love to have a free pass playing pogo keeps me relax

  • madelaine walker

    Please give me a guest pass because i cant found mine.

  • miztoots

    would like a month free pass plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to get some bagdges… as many as i can for the month :dunno: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Dianna Dick

    I would love a pass I just lost my Job I LOVE to play so help if you can

  • Felischa

    PLS. Have you a Pass for me? :bowdown:
    Thx and Greetings

  • chrissy34654

    i am a long time member of pogo could some one tell me were i can get a 30 day pass from thank u all so much

  • graywolfblondie

    I’m a long time member of pogo and my member ship ran out today and I would like to be playing it right now if there is anyone out there that can please do so.

  • bgrd4746

    Please send me a free pogo pass. I had one for years love playing the games.Until I lost my job now I have to take and save for bills

  • linda

    i would like a month free pogo pass also

  • john

    I need a pass :kiss:

  • laura

    pass to club pogo please

  • Quetta

    I would like a free trial please. thanks 🙂

  • pat

    Just an old lady who likes Pogo games but can’t afford Club Pogo on social security…are there any promotions or free passes out there? Already had my free month which was fun! Thanks.

  • Renee Allen

    There is a free month pass at Badge Addicts site.

  • keke

    How do you get a free 30 day member ship anyone please help i’d love to have one but don’t know how to go about obtaining it…

  • Renee Allen

    Go to, scroll to the left and look for the month pass from Oprah Magazine, it’ll be there. You should be signed in to pogo first, tho. GL.

  • PJ

    Thanks for the tip Renee!

  • bob

    please send me a member ship ty to my email it is

  • robinwhitehouse6

    i would love a club pogo pass for a month could you please send 1 too my email addy thx

  • Renee Allen

    Robin, month pass on the right side of site. It’s from Oprah Magazine.

  • JoeAnn Freeman

    i can not afford to join pogo . please send me a one month free pass to my email address. thank you

  • Renee Allen

    Go to badge, then scroll to the right side of the page and click on the month pass from Oprah Magazine – be sure to sign in at first. I have a feeling this will be gone by end of the month. It’s been there all of December. Good luck.

  • patricia

    i need a free month pass to pogo please 🙂

  • JoeAnn Freeman

    please send me a free 30 day pass to pogo that is not expired. thank you

  • Renee Allen

    There is a month pass on “”, home page – scroll to the right of the screen. It’s from Oprah Magazine. GL, all.

  • carole montgomery

    I would like a :io: free 30 day free pass tyvm hitmefast60

  • Danielle

    I love playing pogo games can u please send me a free guest.

  • vinlover4ever77

    I like playing pogo can i please have a pass.

  • Dennis

    I would like a free guest pass please

  • Renee Allen

    Danielle, there is a free month pass by Oprah Magazine listed on on the right side of that page when it pulls up.

  • Renee Allen

    There is a free month pass at in the right side of the page when it pulls up. It’s offered by Oprah Magazine.

  • La’Shaunda

    I would love a pogo free pass. Can anyone help me please!!!

  • mcnasty

    go to pogo and pay for them like everybody else does …you bunch of moochers!!! :uh:

  • crofford

    I would like a free 1 month pogo pass, that has not expired

  • Renee Allen

    Crofford, there is an offer at from Oprah Magazine and WW Magazine, too. I’m using it now myself.

  • Cheryl

    How can I get another free memebership from pogo if I already had one?

  • Cheryl

    if i already had a free months memebership from pogo can I get another one if so how?

  • Renee Allen

    There are still free passes at badge addicts or badge hungry. Either they’re from Oprah Magazine or WW Magazine.
    For the snotty comments, whoever you are, go take a hike.

  • laura

    :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke: ya never

  • jami (september24us)

    could you please send me a 30 free pass to pogo? I am not working right now and love to play pogo but dont have the money to buy a membership right now..

    Thank you ever so much,

  • Shannon (dolphin31480)

    Please send me a free 30 day pogo pass..I have cerebral pulsey and this is all i can do and I love the pogo games..

    Thank you so much,

  • cala

    hi is there any way someone could send me a 30 day free pass i love playing club pogo my hubby the only one able to work and i can affrod pogo club monthly plz send mmmmmmmmmmmmme a pass ty gbu

  • rhondacouch


  • rhondacouch

    😥 :uh:

  • Jade K


    If there are any 30 day Pogo passes available, I could really use one.

    Please and thank you very much.

  • odd babbie fac 61

    i like club pogo

  • odd babbie fac 61


  • julia morran

    i would like a free one month pass thankyou

  • sandra barnett

    loving life

  • sandra barnett

    i would love a free pass thank youbvery much

  • sandra barnett

    :h5: :wavey: :run: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



  • james

    this sight is a joke, no free passes :kekeke: :fingersx:


    There is a month pass in “badge”, if you scroll to the bottom of the page. It is current thru March of this year.

  • jill

    :kiss: can i please get a free 30 day pass

  • james

    :mail: :mail: :bowdown: :bowdown: i realy need a free pass :uh: :uh:

  • bingo luau

    How do i get a free month pass. Please let me know, i would appreciate it…bingo luau

  • yasir ahmed


  • alan

    can i have a free pass :bowdown:

  • Renee Allen

    You just have to watch when passes are given out. I see them at Otherwise, you will get notifed in your email inbox. For right now, none are showing and I check often.

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