-the first 500 each week for the next 9 weeks who send a virtual hug will get it. Each weekly period starts at 1PM eastern on Mondays. Click the english button on the top left. -all gone for today

  • Bobb

    Your kit from Nestlé® Abuelita™ is on it’s way and will arrive in 4 – 6 weeks and be sent to: 🙂

  • Anon

    I don’t know if I was supposed to sign up yet, but it gave me the form, I filled it out, and then it said congrats and you’ll be receiving it in 4-6 weeks. I guess we’ll find out. 😀

    And how nice that it was in spanish, right? :naughty:

  • Lauren

    Its a good thing I know Spanish! :bowdown: thank you 4 years of high school spanish!

  • karla

    could i get a little help…..i have forgotten any spanish i knew….

  • bella

    switch to English at the top left of the page

  • bella

    Looks like it’s expired for now…

  • Lugnut

    Says 41 hugs sent yet they are out – what happened to the first 500?

  • sasha

    Well hoping to snag on of these.

  • cynz

    Seriously? It’s all in Spanish?

  • simplelife2


  • jb

    click on English (left side)

  • Debi

    could somebody explain to me how you get to the gift. I wrote the message picked the fb ppl to send it too, sent and they are out. How many are available?

  • Debi

    okay I see 500 each day but need the rest explained. Thanks.

  • Every word was Spanish!

    Useless Useless Useless

  • there’s an english button on the top left

  • Margo

    SORRY! We’re all out of Nestlé® Abuelita™ gifts this week.

    Come back next week and we will have more gifts* available. 😡

  • Katie

    :uh: Seriously, to ALL the people complaining about the page being in Spanish, this is a product stocked on Latino markets and the target market is Hispanics. It’s extremely popular in Mexico. Not everything is geared to blonde haired blue eyed people.

  • v

    That stuff kinda tastes gross

  • Jules

    Kept refreshing until I got the page and then after I had followed all the steps to send a card it kept bringing back to step one.

  • Denise

    :h5: got it today thanks

  • Janet

    I would love to have a free kit thank you

  • simplelife2

    Finally got one! Thanks.

  • Jenny

    I finally got one. Yay!!

  • Margaret

    Can’t believe that I finally got one!!

  • Debi

    WOOHOOO!!! :h5:

  • akbj

    thanks for the code, Chris! and while I was coming to this site, I also got 39 bucks! So cool….

  • ScrabbleAddict

    I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile… I only got a coupon, but will try again next week. Thanks!

  • svernon17

    Get $10 off your clothing order at with this link……

  • kalmanizer

    I managed to request a free kit. ANYone have ANY clue what this Nestle Kit EVEN is? Lol. 😀

    Thanks Chris for posting this freebie! :h5:

  • EgyptsFlame

    Your kit from Nestlé® Abuelita™ is on it’s way and will arrive in 4 – 6 weeks :wiggle:

  • EgyptsFlame

    LOL You signed up for something that you don’t even know what it is. For all you know they could be mailing you a bomb! 😀 Abuelita is a Mexican-style hot chocolate. You drop tablets into your milk.

  • kalmanizer


    Lol. Thanks for telling me what the heck this freebie sample is. I saw the freebie going live within a couple of mins and my brain told me to GET over to the site and keep refreshing the page and find out what the freebie is after I managed to signup for it, lol. :kekeke:

    Being Orthodox Jewish I don’t even know if this stuff is Kosher but if it isn’t I NOW live in Dallas, TX y’all and there are a ton of VERY nice Mexican People that live here (since the Mexican Border ain’t TOO far away) that I can ALWAYS offer the freebie to. 🙂

  • kalmanizer

    P.S. If I hear the package ticking I’ll remember your (joking) assumption that the nestle package MIGHT be a bomb (Go-d Forbid, lol) and I’ll have the Bomb Squad standing by. ;-D

  • T

    Dollar Tree sells them for a dollar…you mean y’all can’t aford a dolar?

  • Christmasbaby

    Every state doesn’t have a dollar tree store. Plus, if you can get it for free, why not?! Save your buck for something else! :bigthumb:

  • simplelife2

    If it was what they sent out last year, it was actually a kit that included a few products, pound cake and a long spoon. I’m not sure if it will be the same, but even if it is a $1 pack, why not get it? I love getting nice surprises in my mail along with the rest of the bills and junk.

  • DisneyBride

    Finally got one.
    Been forgetting every week!

  • Janet


    We have tried everything on your web site for free things. but we haven’t got any of them. I belive that your site is a scam

  • Christmasbaby

    This site is NOT a scam. I come here daily and I’ve gotten pretty much everything I request. They just list the offers, they can’t make companies send them (most do though). If you are new to getting samples, it can take several months before you start getting things on a regular basis. Give it some time. This is a great freebie site, if you continue using it, you will come to know this. :r:

  • kitty


  • rileyxrsmom

    well then i must be stoopid because ive used this site for all my free stuff since 08 and i have so much stuff i have no space left in my house. you just have to wait for the free stuff to start coming. if your new it takes awhile keep with it and every week you will have cool stuff in your mailbox. ups, usps, fedex you name it they come to my house with free stuff. chris is not a scam artist.

  • akbj

    This site is the best of the freebie sites out there! Chris is the best! I have gotten so MUCH stuff from sending for stuff from this site! My mailman knows me by name, he jokes with me that I am helping to keep them in business. It’s thanks to this site. Some stuff does take awhile especially when you are just getting started, but it does come! Thanks again, Chris and Merry Christmas! :wiggle:

  • Vicki

    WOW!!!! You can’t fix stupid :dunno:

  • Vicki

    well said my friend…..Chris is the best guy on any freebie site online :bowdown:

  • Anonymouse

    This site is definitely not a scam. But feel free to keep your opinion. More freebies for me and one less person to compete with. FYI… If you are new to this, it takes anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks to see freebies in your mail box. Every company is different but most take a while. :r:

  • Deborah Warren

    Please send a hot chocolate It is freezing here in Indiana I would Love to try !! I have a bad internet will not work!

  • karla

    how long does ti usually take for this to come in the mail???

    i was told in nov, i was selected. does it take a month and a half to 2 months??