• Anne

    I’m not seeing it? :dunno:

  • lynn

    will not accept comleted form. :dunno:

  • lynn

    working now! :wiggle:

  • peekaboo

    Ditto.. :confused:

  • peekaboo

    Not for me!! 😥


    Only think I see is a link to ‘ learn more ‘

  • Susan

    Try switching browsers if you don’t see it. :bigthumb:

  • Angie

    Switched to chrome and all its doing is allowing me to fill out form but not submit it…hmmm.

  • peekaboo

    I’ve tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome, and none work. Now when I click the link, it just has product info 😥 I sent them a message on Facebook :fingersx:

  • Iamisay

    Same here! :io:

  • Jen

    it worked for me in google chrome on a mac just now

  • peekaboo

    I tried some more in Chrome (also on a Mac) and still not working :uh:

  • Denise

    I had to opt out in receiving emails before it would submit it

  • peekaboo

    :rofl: you found the trick!! :bowdown: Thank you!
    Thank You! Your request for free samples has been received and your samples package will be shipped shortly.

    Thank you for posting, Chris! :bowdown: :wavey:

  • Reena

    What’s the trick? Please!!!

  • peekaboo

    To opt out of emails 🙂 uncheck that bottom box.

  • Anna

    I signed up a few times with these people and never got samples, just marketing. It’s a scam, they’re completely unethical.

  • peekaboo

    I completely disagree about Mario Badescu! In fact, it’s one of my favorite freebies. I’ve sign up each time I move-yeah, I’m bad, oh well. They DO come, and they’re GREAT. You get about 6 decent samples. Not a scam. I’m not sure why you haven’t received any, but maybe try doing the survey again with a different email address, and if you get a message saying you already received them at your home address, try sending them an email telling them you never received them? :dunno: You might have to click a confirmation link, so check your spam? It’s been a while..

  • Chelesa S

    :io: TY it worked :bigthumb: :wavey: :wiggle:

  • Bobb

    I almost feel like some people are trying to bring down this site. I have been a follower of for almost 5 years and i have had so many gifts, reward points. wins from the contests…and so much more. this is the best free site there is.

  • peekaboo

    Well..she’s frustrated that she didn’t get anything from Mario Badescu…I think I’ve been a follower going on 9 years now (!), and I agree with you that FST is just about the best there is! :h5:

  • morningglory

    I got my samples from them in the past, and it was a a lot of them as well! :h5:

  • anona

    :dunno: What form? I don’t want to give them my info and get nothing in return. Is it the one that says “recieve our weekly newsletter for free?” Because that’s the only form I see and there’s no place to put an address for them to send it to you.

  • garden gal

    does not work. I filled out form, hit submit, and form just sits there with all my info still there and nothing changes.

  • peekaboo

    Right now I can only get the form to show up in Google Chrome :confused: When you get the form, uncheck the box at the bottom to opt out of receiving emails-that seems to be the only way the form will submit. HTH

  • peekaboo

    Uncheck the box at the bottom to opt out of receiving emails-that worked for us for some reason 🙂

  • Angela D

    I just filled out the form & it worked for me! :fingersx:

  • Katharine

    Got it easily. :bigthumb: Thanks!

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  • Major

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