-probably IL only

  • josie

    Great cause. I’ll pass on this though for people who want to spread awareness. Thanks for sharing, Chris. Happy New Year! :kiss:

  • todd lewis

    Thank you

  • kate casey

    :dunno: :dunno: :uh: :io:

  • kate casey

    ill pass along also

  • Dizzygal

    TY do not know if this will come for me, living in AZ, but gave it a shot. asked for 5 pens and 5 magnets. Hope it shows up.

  • Liza Vladyka

    Mine went thru and I am in NH

  • Eleanor Fink

    like to have some pens

  • Cindy


  • erika

    wait how do i get the pens :dunno:
    nvm im jst gonna keep on waTCHING finding bigfoot

  • mello 43

    Hope it don’t take to long to get my pens

  • Pat Richards

    Count me in.



  • ruth beck

    :bigthumb: it sure does go on and on :io: :io: