Coupon link -you can try to play here, but the coupon you u win is not unique. Refer to the product grid here for fit and size. There are only supposed to be 2500 winners, so they’ll probably limit this to the first who send it in.

  • bella

    Awesome, thanks! :h5:

  • Marie

    It said Congrats you have just won a pair of jeans! Yay!!! :wiggle:

  • PrpleHze


  • Sarah

    Mine said a free $5 Target gift card 🙂

  • Paige

    5$ Target gift card, nice.

  • La

    I got a $3 rebate

  • anu

    me too :hs:

  • erica destio

    It said I had free jeans also!

  • YOu can use the coupon I posted, everyone gets the same

  • kiko

    $15 Target gift card. Awesome!

  • Tara

    :run: Free jeans for me! Thank you!!!! :bowdown:

  • ann

    what date of birth yr are you usung for prizes? :uh:

  • Jenny

    $5 gift card! and used my own bday :h5:

  • Sarah

    Sweet, Thanks! :h5:

  • instantkarma

    $3 off blah

  • twin36a

    thanks chris I got the $3 off so I printed off the 1 for the free jeans u had

  • blitzz

    couldnt they valididate emails to see who actually won what?

  • blitzz

    Chris couldnt they valididate emails to see who actually won what?

  • Teodora

    I got a $3 rebate. Can I print the coupon that you posted Chris? I must to have receipt for purchase or what? It says with original receipt if required. :uh:

  • Jasmine


  • Jasmine

    They only have a size 2 for women’s??

  • Jasmine

    I’m guessing it’s size 2 THROUGH 18??

  • bettyjomama

    Thanks- Won $15 target card! :kiss:

  • 1Tennesse

    How the heck did everyone get so darn lucky with the GC’s?

  • toph

    awesome! thanks chris!

    anyone looking for a $25 off $50 baby stuff purchase? would like to trade it for amazon gc 🙂


  • peter j lauscher

    :h5: i sure would like to win

  • capecod


  • kathy

    I’m not sure I understand the form I printed out for the free jeans. Do I have to buy the jeans first, then send in the receipt for a refund?

  • aryana

    aww man why didn’t i get on earlier. :uh:

  • becky

    the form you printed should ask what style and size you would like, they should send them to you for free by mail. :fingersx:

  • Anna


  • .

    i only see mens sizing. is there a link for womans sizing? :confused:

  • Anna

    Scroll down in the PDF or hit the arrow button on the taskbar. Women’s sizing is on the second page.

  • carina

    won $15 target gift card

  • southernbellekathy

    i got free pair.ty :h5:

  • Me

    :dunno: I printed it up – I take it it is still good? I’ll fill it out and stick it in the mail today – we’ll see, I guess.

  • me

    Could someone please tell me what size a woman’s size 18 is. My computer is messed up and I can’t open up my PDF files. Thanks.

  • rachL

    a size 18 is a size 18

  • me

    Thank you. 🙂



  • jackie jukes

    Awesome, cant wait to get a pair. :fingersx:

  • Charlotte May

    You but them IN STORE it’s a mail in rebate!

  • Charlotte May

    *buy :uh:

  • Me

    :dunno: Not on the coupon I printed up from this site – it said you would send a receipt if required, but for the free jeans it only asked for the size.

  • maurice

    jeans for back to school :io:

  • paula weaver bledsaw

    I got free jeans too!! Yay!!!

  • BK

    The coupon U posted won’t work unless name and email inserted on form matches that used when playing contest. Cheating doesn’t pay.

  • Jasmine

    How do you know?

  • Melissa

    Has anyone actually received these yet? I’m still waiting…. :fingersx:

  • maryall

    I’ve got mine a week ago.