Rite Aid has Keri Lotion for $5.99. Starting February 3 use the $5/1 coupon from their weekly ad, and the $2/1 Keri Product print coupon to make it free

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  • Mandy

    I’ve tried multiple zipcodes (90210 gives 84 coupons, the highest number) and I still can’t find this $2/1 Keri coupon. What zipcode should I be trying?

  • tim

    I still see it under that zip and others. Try selecting ‘Keri’ from the Brand drop down menu on the top right. That should make the coupon appear first.

  • Janice

    My Rite-Aid doesn’t allow multiple coupons for the same item.

  • debbie

    Not seeing the 2.00 coupon.Tried several zip codes and not in drop down brand selection

  • Levi

    Did just that but no coupon :bowdown:

  • Mandy

    Glad it’s not just me not seeing the coupon. Could this be a regional thing? I’m in Maryland. Where are you guys who can’t find the coupon?

  • tim

    Humm.. strange… :dunno: I still see it available. Have you printed it before? – Maybe try another computer if you have one

  • tim

    I just saw it in 20002 zip and many others. I hope it works for you. :fingersx:

  • Mandy

    I did print it off several weeks ago (I’m thinking early December, maybe?), so maybe that’s why I’m not getting it now?

  • tim

    for those not able to print the coupon there should be one in the smart source insert of Sunday’s (2/3) paper

  • mmnj80

    All Rite-Aid policies are the same. You are allowed to use multiple coupons if it’s a Rite Aid coupon and a manufacturer coupon. If they give you problems, talk to the manager. :mail: