-here are current Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points that are valid. I’ll update this post when new codes come out.

Update  – enter code: SEAS-ONAL-POIN-TS4U -expires 11/26


  • Tatiana

    Two more codes>


  • gardengal

    their page is messed up no where to log in try to hit contact info and a blank white page. am I missing something here?

  • gardengal

    their page is messed up no where to log in try to hit contact info and a blank white page. am I missing something here?

  • gardengal

    their page is messed up no where to log in try to hit contact info and a blank white page. am I missing something here?

  • gardengal

    I found a number for corp, got some kid who knows nothing. He passed me to the web site folks. they do not answer. just on hold music. I give up.

  • gardengal

    I found a number for corp, got some kid who knows nothing. He passed me to the web site folks. they do not answer. just on hold music. I give up.

  • gardengal

    1-800-962-1413 is corp hq if someone else wants to call and be passed on and wait on hold and get no help for web site.

  • gardengal

    1-800-962-1413 is corp hq if someone else wants to call and be passed on and wait on hold and get no help for web site.

  • gardengal

    page is working now. landing page has the log in info available. AZ 835am

  • gardengal

    page is working now. landing page has the log in info available. AZ 835am

  • gardengal

    page is working now. landing page has the log in info available. AZ 835am

  • Bill Burditzman

    One I found in my inbox today


  • Denise

    Got them all but FRIGHTNIGHTBONUS expired!

  • Denise

    Got them all but FRIGHTNIGHTBONUS expired!

  • Guest5309

    What are you supposed to put in the second field that says “Where did you buy?” If you put “other,” then ANOTHER empty field pops up asking you to put the name of the “retailer” in it. How does this work for codes like this, and not the ones you get in the box of the product itself?

  • Guest5309

    Oh, never mind…. I thought you put in the promotion then the store, THEN the code. These above are PROMOTIONS in which you can USE the codes. Never used the points for the last few weeks and obviously never read the instructions LOL…

  • Denise

    XWL1BFF3VKJF81CJ Thank you got another 100 points 🙂

  • Gabriel Juarez

    I need nestlewater codes…

  • Denise

    Thank you!

  • anu


  • Annye

    Even though I hadn’t entered the newer codes, I was told for each one:

    “The code entered is a duplicate. Please check your Point History to confirm your points have been credited to your account.”

    Are you sure they aren’t one-time-only codes?

  • missy

    same here, I’m not sure why, maybe try again later

  • Ailile


  • Ailile


  • Denise

    Here is a code 🙂 GWPM-BWR6-CTJ3-VXL6

  • Denise


  • starinite81

    ENJO-Y50K-FRPO-INTS and Cybe-rsal-erew-ards are expired

  • bhcoupon

    FYI … EASYMENUPLANNING only gave me 5pts, not 50pts.

  • Annye

    Same here.

  • Escondido

    These codes listed in the post are expired as of 12/15/2014:

    These codes listed in the comments are expired as of 12/15/2014:

  • salesgirl

    Wow thanks got about 200 points.

  • Marissa


  • KM

    Thanks for the 2 new ones!

  • KM

    Got 25 points w/ code: FLEX-FORY-OURG-OALS. Thanks!

  • KM


  • sara

    Anyone got any of those book codes?

  • Tatiana


  • Marlene

    191-GX3L-G7QG-16VV worth 120 points

  • ami

    You’re missing a letter/number. thanks

  • Bob Rooney

    dont bother ordering their coupons. they send you ones that expire in a week.

  • andrew

    I had one but everytime I entered it I got a message saying “There was a problem. Try again later”

  • Jessica B

    more than half of them are expired.

  • nikki

    HOWITWORKS20PNTS Says duplicate for me….found it in my history entered in 7/2012

  • amanda

    Also got the duplicate error for howitworks20pnts. On 1-31-14 and says its from 2012

  • Allison

    HOWITWORKS20PNTS is an old code. You already had it listed.

  • bludaisiesjen

    HOWITWORKS2PNTS is the code pretty much everyone got when you SIGN UP for the K Rewards, even AFTER 2012. It’s the first code I ever got in 2014 given to me by them for reading “how the reward program works.” I think it carries over every year, that code, and is for the current year’s new enrollees.

  • aandckirsch

    scoobysweeps4you isn’t working, also the tastywaytopoints isn’t working as well Anyone else having this problem?

  • Guest2020

    Re: Luckyleprechauns, be aware that you have TEXT BACK in order to get the points, so DON’T TEXT THE CODE, HEAR THE CONFIRMATION TEXT ALERT, AND IGNORE IT. This one has to be RESPONDED TO, with something like “luckyme” or “lucky you” (I forgot which it was).

  • amylynne

    New Code:


    (hopefully Spring is on its way with it–especially to the East Coast/Cape Cod! We still have snow on the ground!)


  • MrRob59

    CORNYLOVESEASTER = 100 not sure when expires just used on 4/8 11;15pm EST

  • Elko

    The KFRMEMBERSRGREAT code has expired

  • Tatiana

    Thank you!

  • macki

    Try these

  • sandy

    got an expired message on Freecodejust4u
    and a problem message for MAGICALCREATIONS

  • Sharkness

    Those are likely product codes, not promo codes, and they will only work once (for you).

  • carl

    I used someone’s code from a cereal box and it worked for me too.

  • sandy

    Maybe this one will work

  • William

    5/13/2015 POPTARTSAVENGERS is TWENTY, not fifty points

  • oops yeah sorry about that, still had the old other text in there

  • VJ

    Here’s a new one FREEBONUSFROMKFR

  • Someonereadingthis

    Well, I don’t know where to put this so I’ll put it here. If you did the duck duck go t-shirt I went today and they gave me my code, no problem. So don’t forget to return to get yours.

  • Someonereadingthis

    I’m getting that they are all expired.

  • anni

    I can’t get the login to work at the site.

  • kory

    Thanks, I was wondering why they never sent me the email to me know it was time.

  • Jodi I’mgonnagetyouSucka Riggi

    KFRTHANKYOU50PTS – expired

    KFRFIESTA4POINTS – expired

    Celebratesmother – expired

    50drugstoredivas – expired


    anyone got any new codes? All of these have expired. Thanx

  • sadie

    Wow, this latest code just gave me 400 points. Did anyone else get that?

  • GirlWith Bliss

    Me too…i thought is that right lol

  • Brenda

    Kellogg family award guys you might win more points Brenda Carlton

  • Amy

    This code only gave me 25 points

  • gardengal

    FYI columbus day bonus code is only 25 not 100

  • yeah I think they were giving 100 yesterday because the code wasn’t working for the first 8 hours or so after they promoted it. I wish they just left it at 100 🙁

  • Cassandra Amador

    This is awesome thanks!!!

  • LA

    They need better rewards and better points value to price

  • Franny

    KFRTHANKYOU50PTS — expired
    KFRFIESTA4POINTS — expired

    By the way — its easier to text the codes in for redemption than trying to enter them on the kfr website, there are fewer steps — just send them the code, and they’ll text you back whether you’ve been awarded the points or not (messaging rates do apply, but our plan has unlimited texting, ymmv)

  • thanks! I have to make a new KFR account periodically to go through the old codes, so you saved me some work 🙂

  • Amy

    I just added 175 points , Thanks!

  • Colleen McMichael

    I had this one from before Christmas- not sure if it still works KFRHappyHolidays

  • Carol

    I did just now-even went into history to verify 🙂

  • Tatiana

    Thank you!

  • Twinkle Sprinkle

    Hey Chris,

    Your KFR link is broken….

  • Twinkle Sprinkle

    100-POINT CODE
    (Mother’s Day)

  • those codes from the email today are one time use, thanks though!

  • Twinkle Sprinkle

    Oh man- sorry about that!

  • Twinkle Sprinkle

    PS- Your link still brings me to that weird error tracking page. Not sure why…

  • andi

    HIGHTEMP25FREE4U is expired

  • barb

    Strange how NO KFR codes gave been given out for over a month now, not even the traditional July 4th with 2 codes, and maybe fathers day too. It’s as if they are silently waiting for members to get the “your acct will expire due to inactivity…” email and the only way to preseve it is with a purchase AND RECEIPT UPLOAD. Sooooo many are NOT DIGGING the new method or dont have the technology to do so, or the store has no loyalty card, and Im sure activity is delining. I wonder if KFR is silently forcing members to use the new system by stopping all the free 25-100 pts free codes that came out every couple of weeks that keep all the accts active….

  • yeah I don’t know what’s going on 🙁

  • sammy

    I even had to call them because the codes I do have are not being accepted at the KFR site. If this keeps up , I’ll just have to cash out what points I collected and be done with the program.

  • Kimberly

    To clarify, I think the rules stated you inly have to log in to remain active, so at least set a monthly alert to log in to make sure u don’t go over the 90 days & lose all your points. I got so many emails the past month encouraging me to cash out with new rewards and stuff, which I have about 30,000 points for. I believe they are phasing out everything but receipt uploads and loyalty cards, no more little bonuses, to gently coax us into conforming to the new crappola.

  • annie

    Wow, a code finally. I collected enough points for something I had been saving them for. I checked on the item often, I went to order it and boom, it’s gone. Is it a coincidence? I messaged KFR about it. They said sorry and that’s how it is. Oh well.

  • sarah

    The same thing happen to me. It looks like they’re having more sweepstakes and promo gift cards than other types of rewards. Most of which would be accessible without buying their products.

  • Diana

    Same here, although with slightly different wording: “The code entered is a duplicate. Please enter a different code.”

    These codes are all giving me the same message…I wonder if it’s a problem with my account.

    YOUF-OUND-25FR-EE4U 25
    25mo-reyo-uare-good 25

  • Diana

    These ones are also coming up as duplicates for me. Have other people been able to get them to work? It seems my account is having problems…

  • VJ

    the link doesnt go to the Kellogg’s site

  • Mark Terrazas

    Gracias Chris for today’s freebies, and not to mention all the sweeps you posted today. There are some good ones today..Gracias

  • calistair

    Here are two more worth 25 points each. They expire on 12/5:

  • cara

    Code entering box at KFR is broken

  • don

    This link went somewhere else and says it’s gone.

  • fixed the link, thanks

  • samantha

    submit button for enter-code is not working

  • dwynath

    Most of these are expired. Only the first, second, fourth, and last ones work

  • Homecmk

    My Points: 315 from this whole list

  • Twinkle Sprinkle

    (2/27/17): None of the old codes work & give an error, “Code is Incorrect”. Only valid code is the new one, FREE-PTSW-ARMU-PNOW

  • anu

    Code SKISLEDSKATE4PTS for 100 Points

  • donia

    I keep getting “Code Is Incorrect” message with these latest codes

  • Bfly

    I get that too sometimes but I think its when I enter a code I already entered but forgot that I already entered it. under “all account activity” it does not seem to show verbatim codes entered, but instead something like “25 points for day 13 of Kellogg’s recipe voting” when clicking the + for additional info. anyhow, hope that helps.

  • screamyourheadoff
  • screamyourheadoff

    $5 Amazon gift cards for 8000 pts is available

  • Alexis

    FRES-HAIR-SUNS-HINE Is not working

  • calrose

    This last list which just came in today is all expired except for the last listing on the list. Why do you keep sending out lists of expired codes? Where does this list come from as I never see these codes anywhere? I would like to go the sites myself so I can get them before they expire!