-click the link button then fill out the form and choose your samples. -working again

  • katrina


  • grr

    Just got it, 11:40 pm est 4/24. Thanks!

  • Lnn

    I still can’t get it past the checkout. Any one else have the same issue? Or even an email confirmation?

  • Lnn

    I also got a couple of times $7.95 shipping charge showing the sample. IDK here at all.

  • Garden Gal

    Your samples are on their way
    Thank you for verifying your email address.
    Your order will be created shortly in our system and you will receive a separate email with your order confirmation.
    Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your samples. We hope you enjoy!

    ***had to log into FB and like them, then filled out form, and had to confirm link in sent em from them. hope it comes. chose anti aging 3 packet set.