-there is no confirmation page -it’s only sold in GA, NC, SC, TN, AL so it’s probably only valid there.

  • Chris
  • Ava

    when you submitted – did it just clear the screen?

  • Chris

    yea theres no confirmation that it goes through

  • jillian


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  • Kristina


  • leigh


  • Mindy

    The grocery store near my house had triple coupons today and let me tell you there were some GREEDY people! I got there at 7am and certain items were already cleared out, but I did seem to have a leg up on the competition. Obviously most of these people don’t do freebies cause I used a lot of my coupons that I got with freebies and there were barely any of those items off the shelf. So thanks again Chris. You’re awesome!

  • Jamie

    Morning sunshine!!

  • alek

    Morning all!

  • kimerin


  • Alicia

    :io: I am in NJ

  • rose

    yay. I’m in GA.
    but I’ve never heard of this stuff, probably because I don’t shop at “natural food stores”

  • Ava

    k thanks

  • Trinity

    I click submit and my info is cleared :confused:

  • Chris

    yea it doesnt that for everyone. I think its being sent though

  • Trinity

    ok thanks

  • blindfaith

    I put that I first tried it at an organic food fair in macon Ga when I visited my mom


  • kentuckyrain