-it’s valid on July 16th, July 23rd, August 6th, and August 27th. DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV only.

  • Little hint for this one, it’s easy to get a Chevy vin number to qualify 😉

  • danw herdman

    how do i get a vin or where would i find one- we have a chevy equinox. ? :confused:

  • its on a sticker or plate either on the door sill, up in front of your windsheild, or in the engine compartment

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris ….

  • Pam


  • jill

    The VIN number should also be on your registration card and even your insurance card. I am in PA and mine is listed on both. It is kind of hard to read the one on the dash plate. I signed up and it said that I will get the tickets in 7-10 days. What an awesome freebie. Thanks 🙂

  • Dawn

    it keeps saying system error after i enter the info-do u get a cfm email?

  • crystal

    no email-and the site is getting hit hard now so i would try again to make sure :dunno:

  • danny carl


  • danny carl

    HOW do you know if you get the tickets?

  • danw herdman

    k thanks! :wiggle:

  • NachoNut

    Friggn gone already. I had enough time to get the VIN # and enter it just to find out they were out.

  • crystal

    if they come in the mail-thats how it happened last year-u dont know till u get them and it doesnt take long at all