-at 4pm eastern login to your account and check the offers section. Certain users will have an offer to get a free shatterproof pint glass. This doesn’t seem to be offered to everyone, but they’ve been adding some limited offers every day lately at 4pm for the first 800 people, and they go quick.

  • katrina

    Not going to be available for me unfortunately. Ive been trying for months to register on their site and everytime i keep getting the notification that they are unable to verify my age/id. (im 26!!) I finally called the 1800# they provided and tried to register over the phone, and even the tech couldnt verify my age. Now i have to wait 24 hours to try again online. SMDH :cry: :confused: :cry:

  • edyta

    can we already be logged in and just refresh our offers page or do we have to log in exactly at 4?

  • SupaJess

    I got one of these, like 4 or 5 days ago…


  • Joseph

    woot i got it. Much thanks!

  • SupaJess

    Wow, ok the offer just popped up for me again today. Maybe I’ll get two.


  • Joseph

    i was already logged in and it was not showing up so I cleared my cache and cookies…logged in again and then it showed up

    probably unnecessary for all that, but meh’…it showed up after

  • Kamie

    Got it! :bigthumb:

  • edyta

    thanks got it! :D


    :bigthumb: One for me and one for hubby

  • heather

    Thank you! :rofl:

  • Charries S

    :h5: I Love Your site!! It’s amazing how many offers you bring forward to everybody every day
    !! Thank you so much!!!

  • 123Tennnessse

    Missed it

  • Melanie

    I logged in but did not see the offer. Oh well :(

  • Jessica

    is it 4pm Eastern time?

  • Jessica

    Nevermind…I guess I should read better next time :/

  • Debi

    Thanks! Almost forgot! Got it!

  • Larralu

    :h5: I just got offered the zippo Lighter! Better then the cup in my opinion! :wavey:

  • Dawn

    Page not found and I really want 1.

  • Lisa

    It’s an acrylic rocks glass. :uh:

  • cathy

    I got something.. didn’t notice what it was Thanks.

  • cathy

    Does anyone know how I can find out what I got. I did this thing with a dart.

  • Caroline

    Tried today, . My free offer was a dart and map set.

  • Laurel

    Log in, then pull down on your “profile” menu (right side) and go to “Service”. There you can see what you’ve gotten, if it’s shipped, etc. Seems like you’re only eligible for the glass when it comes up for you under “offers”, which according to the forum discussion, has been at different times for different folks. My offers for both the glass and the zippo came before Chris posted them, and when someone else posted the glass thing in the forum, it wasn’t there for me. was a few days later though.

  • Julie

    Always says routine maintance ?????

  • Jeanne

    I am so frustrated with trying to sign in!!! I can’t remember my password so when I go to reset it it asks me a security question that I never in my life remember answering and if I can’t answer it, it won’t let me reset…so I tried to use my husbands account and the security question is what make and model of his first car and we have entered the answer every imaginable way possible and it is never correct…grr…and they have such good freebies I hate not getting in on them

  • Debbie

    Got it! Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • @sir__gregory

    Call the 1800# I’ve done this several times. I’ve had the same issue as have you. They are friendly and may even hook you up with a freebie if you wiggle your words right.

  • The Marrr Bro

    *cup :cool:

  • David

    Just go to the menu bar and delete everything up to .com and then click enter, should work if you are already logged in, It will bypass the Routine Maintenance error

  • patricia

    please send me a glass cup

  • patricia

    please send me a glass coffee cup thanks

  • jake