-first 15,000

  • CL Jones

    Less than 7 minutes ago and this is already gone. Hard to believe.

  • there are still about 11-12,000 left :dunno:

  • bella

    Got one, thanks! Just takes a while to load.

  • bella

    Btw my SIL got the free Udi’s gift basket today that I had sent to her, she said it was awesome! Hope mine comes soon… :fingersx:

  • betty73

    :dunno: like button isn’t there for me.

  • Jess

    I had the same problem. I just clicked on the button (even though it was greyed out) and then clicked again and it let me ‘like’ it and fill out my info. 🙂

  • betty73

    :wavey: thanks jess. that worked!

  • KourtneyK

    Hadn’t no like button so no free sample so bummed 😥 😥 🙁

  • Cat Mom 6

    I already [like] the page. I clicked on the tab to get deal. filled out my info on form. did submit. says an em will be sent to me when deal unlocked. needs 15k to unlock, 15k of likes. still about 520 likes needed.

  • BillB

    Promotion has since ended 🙁