You have to make a registry and add items to it that the forms specifiy, then mail in the forms. These are the items available from each store:


  • Square

    Has anyone tried this?

  • Bri

    people have in the past and gotten thier items. You just have to be willing to do the printing and mailing to get the items.

  • Morris

    Actually, I’ve done this every year since 2008. The items always come, and some of them are quite valuable and are of high quality.

  • brokeguy01

    Too rich for my blood. If I did it, I would be the one who didn’t get the rebate back.

  • marbar

    Are you getting married?

  • marbar

    What rebate?

  • Cheryl

    What address(s) do we mail the forms to? :uh:

  • Just me

    For the william sonoma one, when you click each separate offer it will have it on the form just like any rebate/ offer. I’m sure Kohl’s is the same, I haven’t looked at it.

  • Cheryl


  • Beth

    Thank you. I got the cutting board last year

  • melissa

    Do I have to pay $300 or more to get free pan sauce from Khol’s? Please help. :confused:

  • Free4Me

    What the heck you have to purchase worth $600 to get it …it mentioned proof of purchase…

  • 8randon

    does it have to be for a wedding or can it be for a homewarming registry?

  • Rachel Rae

    Some of the offers are just for registering items to your Registry, and others are for once the required amount has been purchased. But there is 6 or 7 that you can do without spending any $ on the items at all. Just with a stamp!

  • Alex

    Can someone please explain just how this all works? (Do I need to spend X-amount of $$, and then some kind of rebate? What are the steps involved here?)

  • Rachel Rae

    I think they have to be on a Wedding Registry.

  • Rachel Rae

    I went through the list on the Kohls page, and the Williams-Sonoma page and printed out each offer. The print outs will tell you how much $ of each Company’s product you need on the registry. I created a Wedding Registry for each site, then added the needed items to each.

    Then print out the # of registry copies you need for your offers. (I printed 4 from WS and 2 from Kohls) Then fill out your printed forms, fill out and stamp envelopes, slide in your forms and registry print outs and mail them out!

    It’s super easy to do! Just organize your forms and it makes the process super easy. Good luck!

  • Rachel Rae


    A lot of the offers have 2 options. The first is a small free gift for registering X amount of items on your registry. Fill out the forms for these offers.

    The secondary offers are usually bigger freebies that you send off once your wedding items have been purchased off your list. Don’t worry about these unless your items do get purchased. 😉

  • Morris

    I’m not getting married. Just like to get the items for free.

  • imjustagirl

    Yep… I printed them of at work. Got lots of nice stuffs over the years.

    On this post, I saw that they require proof of purchase now, which ones that’s for wedding registry only. ???

  • itsreallyme1000

    I saw that at Williams-sonoma you can register for a multitude of reasons. To get the free offers it says: “Receive a special gift from some of our vendors simply by adding a select amount of their branded products to your registry.”

    Nowhere in there does it specifically say must be a wedding registry. Does anyone who has done this know for sure if it has to be one or not? I extra wonder because it also says this: “Gift redemption details will be available after you register and log in to your registry.”

    So if I were to register for a date far from now (they go up until 2021) and be having an occassion other than a wedding, would I still be eligible for the registry gifts? Thanks to anyone who has done and seen the details and knows this answer!

  • angi

    recieved the heart dish and pull-apart shears today :bigthumb: and i sent out the rebate just a week ago… surprised they came in so quickly

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    :h5: :kekeke:

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