-click around that screen and click the items. The first 4000 who find the random item will get a free gift

  • garden gal

    page does not load then gives error msg

  • De De

    Found it, filled out form, then the problem starts.

  • AmyLK

    I couldn’t get it to complete. kept getting an error from their server

  • DisneyBride

    Filled out the form, got an error.

  • De De

    Kay, now I think I got it!

  • Bobb

    You got a mystery gift!
    Please save this URL for your records. :wiggle:

  • Katrina

    Uh Oh.
    The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

  • peekaboo

    Says they’re all out 😥
    thanks anyway, Chris :wavey:

  • Joseph Adkins

    Finally got it to work after 10 tries. As I am filling out the form it pops up and says they are out. Lame

  • Cay

    I found it and filled out the form. Hit submit and got the message that they ran out of gifts. 🙁

  • Marissa

    Hello friend,

    The gifts are all spoken for, but there’s still lots to explore. Swipe or pull the screen around, and hover on objects to watch them come to life. Enjoy your time here.

    Ah well! :dunno:

  • garden gal

    funny now it says all gifts are gone and the page did not even work.

  • felicia

    So annoying

  • Lnn

    :dunno: just curious- what was the gift(s)?