Here are a couple Garnier samples that are still working if you didn’t get them yet.

  • Aye_me

    I dont like your new page :/….

  • nili


  • :confused:

  • it works here, try to copy paste this link into your browser maybe?

  • jan

    no bb cream sample either

  • nina hatfield

    icant find the link? iwish i could

  • Guest2

    anyone have the required code?

  • Alicia

    Third link requires a code! :dunno:

  • try it now, I keep having issues with it changing on my end so I cant tell if its working

  • hmm, which is only working for me right now in Opera, other browswers require a code

  • prezzy

    Worked for me.

  • Chelli


  • Katharine

    …Didn’t someone already post these freebies months ago? Cause I clearly remember doing them.

  • Autumn

    I never like any of the coupons or freebies on Facebook cause I click on it & it directs me to their site instead of my app! If I click on my app tgen I lose the link for the freebie. Maybe this would be easier to do on a computer! Go Figure! But thanks Chris!

  • L

    I don’t think the links are working anymore. They both go to Garnier homepage and I don’t see a get sample button anywhere. :confused:

  • they all still work here, the sleek and shine one I added is working again too

  • yeah its annoying, garnier makes it so they links have to be clicks through facebook, theres no other way to get to the form 🙁

  • L

    Yup, you’re right. FF keeps going to Garnier homepage but the links work in Chrome. Sorry about that. Thanks, Chris! :bigthumb:

  • fre

    does anybody know genuine work from home websites or sites that pay for surveys

  • L

    I love Pinecone for surveys. They pay $3 per survey.

  • fre

    thank u
    how long will it take for each survey

  • SWAGBUCKS CODE: TGIFriday good til 5

  • PrpleHze

    Thank you for your interest in Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream. You will receive your sample in 6-8 weeks.

  • FS Fan
  • dawn

    Fall Fight does not work :confused:

    I tried in IE & chrome

  • it should take you to facebook, and then you click continue from facebook and the form loads? :dunno: its working here

  • L

    “Thank you for your interest in Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream. We’re sorry, this promotion has ended.”

  • Angelica

    :fingersx: got them all no problem! yay

  • Livefreebies

    How? It asked me for a code ?

    Then it sais the promotion has ended. :uh:

  • weird its not asking me for a code

  • anon

    :eek3: Now the link says this:

    For the safety and privacy of your Facebook account, remember to never enter your password unless you’re on the real Facebook web site. Also be sure to only download software from sites you trust. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit Facebook’s Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing.

  • 8randon
  • jimmiejoe

    My wife loves the stuff

  • Dana

    I love it you can read it again the small print was awful this is much better

  • anon

    :wiggle: Thank you for your request. Thank you for your interest in Garnier Triple Nutrition. You will receive your sample in 4-6 weeks