• A.C.

    Very cool sample. If you read the info on the site it is neat what they are trying to do. I don’t even know these companies are out there till Chris opens my mind to them! For that you get an “atta boy!” :kekeke:

  • strawberrygal2007

    I totally agree with A.C.
    Thanks to Chris…I am being introduced to sites and products that would have been under the radar for me. :wiggle:

  • Melissa

    This is weird….

  • Vicki

    Look now, I wanna be the President of the Chris Fan Club. Do I have your vote girls?

  • strawberrygal2007

    I chose pineapple. :yum:

  • Melissa

    Very interesting…

  • jennzz

    I got strawberry apple flakes!!
    can’t wait to get them,,
    I have seen a special with either this company or a company just like them on the History Channel,, or the Food Network channel,,
    it was very cool,, it showed how they made this food,,
    Thanks Chris!!
    very cool 😎 😎

  • strawberrygal2007

    received an email confirmation…which is always nice

  • Kathi

    Where on earth or how do you find these things Chris? This is totally cool, ordered the cheesy baked potato. :h5:

  • dustbunnies

    This stuff is great for camping! We use it every summer and believe it or not, many of the items are tasty. THANKS! :yum:

  • flsuec

    Woohoo! :run: :yum:

  • jamie

    I got the cheesy soup also. I’d like to have tried a couple different kinds, but I’m not spending 130 bucks for a sample pack!!

    Thanks alot for this Chris

  • AnnD.

    :uh:Do you guys know hard it is to find stuff to put in a suvival kit?

  • WifetoWavie

    They are charging 7.50 now. So guess I was too late 🙁

  • Melissa

    Wow, they are charging that much? I wonder how big a sample is? We probably won’t be getting ours.. I hope we do.. :fingersx:

  • jennzz

    wow,, that is alot for the sample,, $7.50,,
    I think those who signed up early and got an email following,, will get the sample,, this company makes a killing off this stuff,, wow,, the prices on the website is crazy high,,
    I do not have a place to put a years supply of dried food,, wow!!
    a Christmas special for one person to have a year supply was like $995.00 ,, wow!! what a gift that would be,,
    it would be a hard present to store or make room for!! hehehe
    can’t wait to try this “roughing-it” food!! :yum: :yum: :wiggle: :wiggle: :yum: :yum: :wiggle: :wiggle:

  • Melissa

    :run: :run: :run:

  • strawberrygal2007

    its always good to have a little to put away for emergencies :oh:

  • strawberrygal2007

    :h5: thanks

  • strawberrygal2007

    :mad:Sample recipients are required to pay for shipping of the free product