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  • katrina

    :wiggle: :wavey: :rofl:

  • kitty

    When does the coupon expire? :dunno:

  • Gina

    2nd one I missed won’t print, 1st the advil & now this , WTH??? :confused:

  • Kat

    Dec 25th

  • Kat

    I missed the Advil one too 🙁

  • anon

    :dunno: We don’t have a CVC but it looks like the sort of coupons our local grocery store gives out – they don’t print up they are downloaded on your CVC card.

  • Mandy

    I’ve been to three CVSes and no one at any of them has ever seen a trial-sized Clear shampoo. What’s the point of giving out a coupon for a product no one has?

    Did get the Advil, though, so at least the trips weren’t wasted.

  • anon

    I had the same problem with a Target giveaway for those small cups of peanut butter – when I took the Target only coupon for the free offer they said at the time Target only sold the large jars and they thought that was everywhere.