link -first 5000. -Update-they don’t have in store pickup on this item so you’ll have to pay for shipping($2.99).

  • Daisy

    shipping is not free. No store pickup.

  • katrina

    it says UNIQUE one time code, its the same code everytime i open the link….so this works?

  • here are a few one time use codes that I’m not going to use:

  • it’s based on a cookie, so if you clear your cookies or use a different browser and click the link in the post you’ll get a differnet code. That code you get is yours though

  • sorry about that, I didn’t have a chance to check their photo store to see if pickup was available.

  • fob

    Thanks :bigthumb:

  • melinda

    expired! deal ended

  • Kellie

    it says whoops this deal has ended 🙁

  • Daisy

    No Problem Chris. Thanks for all the great freebies you post :bigthumb:

  • Marissa

    I bet one of the codes Chris posted up above would work, assuming they aren’t all taken. I got one when he posted this but used it just now and it was fine.

  • KM

    Same for me. 🙁

  • katrina

    I agree….I saved my code before they ran out and just used it now at 2a est and still worked.

    Those really interested, check the codes above.. :fingersx:

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