-you can order samples from P&G once per quarter. You can also request many mailed coupons through this link as well.

  • Melanie Reed

    Nice one! Thanks!

  • katrina

    This is awesome!! I havent seen a deal this great at one place in …. never. LOL :rofl: :run: 😎 :h5:

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  • swagbucks code RunZombieRun good til 1:30

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    :kekeke: I love it

  • Garden Gal

    We appreciate your interest in trying products from P&G. Your order is being processed and should arrive within the next four to six weeks.

  • tracy

    :wiggle: super cool sample/coupon packet,LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :bowdown:

  • Shannon C

    Was this website being awful for anyone else on an IPad?

  • janet ortiz

    Can’t connect to app page.
    :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  • katrina

    Are you on your phone? Perhaps thats why??

  • whitney

    Ok maybe I am blind today. Where do you click submit? I got down to the prilosec question and there was nothing else.

  • Garden Gal

    done. I was able to sign up for these samples, crest toothpaste. pantene shampoo.conditioner. crest white strips. tide boost. downey infusions. tide pod. downey unstoppable. 7 total.

  • Jeanne

    Can’t for the life of me, find the button to submit after I made my sample choices…can anyone help me? :dunno:

  • Tymes13

    try selecting the answer for prilosec then press enter on your keyboard …worked for me

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

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    Not working on my Droid

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    my page also stops at the heart burn medicine. maybe i will just try later.

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    you need to use your keyboard and press “tab” – that will scroll the page down enough to get to the submit button. SMH.

  • lch

    Hey, thanks auschick, that was what I needed to do. You always learn something new. Are you an Aussie? Such nice folks Down Under.

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    Just try hitting your enter button and it should work.

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    This worked for me too 🙂

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    i cant find the submit button either

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    i tried hitting enter on my key board but still can not submit it

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  • Dawn

    Thanks for the advice on hitting the tab button.. I couldn’t get the page down any further until using the tab button…worked perfect !!

  • Dawn

    nope the enter button does not work… tab does

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    Phew… pressed the enter key and it worked. Thanks for the great freebies, P&G and FreeStuffTimes! :bigthumb:

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    I couldnt wont let me enter my state.

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    Couldn’t find the submit button,had to use internet explorer and make the page smaller!! :uh:

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    Your last P&G everyday™ order was placed on the P&G Everyday website on Jan 8 2013 10:26AM. Please allow four to six weeks delivery time from your order date.

    P&G everyday allows one order request per household address per quarter. Ordering periods are generally between January 1 and March 31, April 1 and June 30, July 1 and September 30, and October 1 and December 31. Sample and coupon selections change throughout the year.

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    Thanks. I tried tab and it didn’t work. Enter did. :wiggle:

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    works today, and the “submit” button shows up today. and my “tab” never did work yesterday, but today no problems and it loaded right up, and i zipped through the selections, easy peasy.

    much better than yesterday.