-select locations in GA and SC

  • Elizabeth

    Bummer I have chili’s here :dunno:

  • sarah

    Love Chili’s….don’t live in either state tho:(

  • bgpgirl

    Hi all…I’m back…I lucked out…*wipes forehead*…it killed me but the left over q’s are in the trash…I know myself well enough that this time I ripped them in half…I don’t want to be tempted…I’m happy but I am sooo done…to stressful. Put the frozen stuff in the deep freezer and everything else is sitting on the table where it can stay until morning. I’m beat and going to bed. Catch you fine peeps in the morning. :sleep:

  • mallory

    Man I was gonna get this for my sister she lives in columbus, GA, but they didn’t have that location on there. Its weird cause its the second largest city in the state, the also didn’t have Atlanta….oh well 🙁

  • Smiley

    GRRRRR Pathmark is having a sale for TGI Fridays frozen entree’s. GRRRRR 2/$6.. which mean free!! :run: *pulls hair* I hat not having a printer.. I love the potato skins filled with cheese..

  • Smiley


  • Smiley


  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris … Too Bad Not For Cali Residents ….

  • Carina

    why would it be free? :confused:

  • Carina

    ohh nvm i saw but the coupons dont work no more 😥 😥

  • Smiley

    yeah.. 😥 I want those for free, if not, not buying them lol.. They aren’t healthy but once in a while I crave for the potato sins :yum:

  • Smiley

    lol not sins, skins**

  • i wish the coupons worked again too… 🙁 oh well.. i got 6 freebie foods… but i’d love to stock up the freezer lol

  • Cyndie

    :bigthumb: OMG something actualyy worked 4 me..Chilis Statesboro 😀 I know they just built that one so maybe thats the catch to it :dunno:

  • Kate

    Dessert is spelled wrong Chris :uh:

  • :uh:

  • Lauren

    where can you find the coupon? :kekeke: