-enter promo code: FBSCENT2 at checkout

  • Denise

    Thanks!!! Thanks for your order! It’s been successfully processed and you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly.

    We hope you enjoy your Cerra™ purchase.

  • Alicia S

    Worked fine without entering credit card info but did need to add billing address and PROMO CODE.

  • v

    :wiggle: i have had these before i love them and long lasting

  • Gina

    totally no loading?? It’s getting slammed :dunno:

  • Diana

    Where do you click to get it in your cart? :dunno:

  • himm


  • Vickie Ivey

    I am not able to get the site to come up. I so want the cards

  • Vickie Ivey

    I cannot get it to come up ?????

  • Garden Gal

    demands credit card info to continue and I put in promo code, and tells me my state is invalid. I give up.

  • Garden Gal

    scratch above comment. tried again and it went thru. got an order #.

  • Me

    For anyone still trying this, it worked now. Site’s loading fine, and when you get to billing, just check the box next to “same as shipping address” and then put in the promo code and click apply next to the promo code box and it should say $0.00. :yum:

  • lola

    thank you !!

  • Kellz


  • L

    Expired. :(

  • Kami

    I just go them today :) :rofl: