-each day this week they will be giving away Free Boxes Of DeMet’s Chocolate Turtles at 3PM eastern for the first people who sign up.

  • VJ

    to say I love Turtles would be an understatement…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE them !!

  • Butterfly

    entered. might have been 30 sec too late LOL, you know how it goes. FYI: you do not have to like the page. Facebook does not allow giveaway stuff to force liking a page anymore. and I was able to submit the form without liking the page.

  • Jo

    Only got a $1 off coupon

  • Butterfly

    that is ok, you may still get the freebie coupon depending. its like a contest, you will get a coupon if you are in the first # they are giving it away to, but not until the week is over and the contest is over. they may or may not email you if you get the freebie coupon but if you are one of the first ones, they will mail it to you, as this is what happened last time. same thing with other related freebie coupons to the first X number of people during a week.

  • mandapanda

    $1 off 🙁