• Vicki

    it says thanks for taking this survey and I just signed in…lol

  • Candi

    Worked for me, three times. Once in my name. Once for my sister on her computer, and once for my brother in law on his laptop.

  • AMY1


  • Shauna J

    worked for me, thanks

  • akbj

    Thank you, those were some cool designs……

  • Linda

    Thanks Chris! 🙂

  • r0b0tj0n3z

    worked for me in three different browsers! 3 different people! woo! :h5: :fingersx:

  • smkymtnkid

    You gotta do a survey to get the coupon, but the survey is pretty short. Thanks.


  • Roxanne Thomas

    I did the survey says same thing Thank you for doing survey and no coupon was found.. What a rip off

  • :h5: received 2 today 😎