-register or login and click My Marlboro on the top right and click offers. The spice rub is for the first 3,000 who comment on the Flavor makers page

For the Custom Steel Pint click the stand for your brand box. Some of these offers may not be in your account, they seem to offer different gifts to certain people



  • DisneyBride

    Thanks, got it :yum:

  • KIM

    Got the Rub, but dont see anything about the smoketin tool.

  • Tatiana

    Thanks! i also haven’t seen the tool

  • bella

    it’s at the bottom of the same offer page.

  • Jonathan

    you didn’t mention I would need to fill out a few pages of signing-in info. :confused: I’m not a smoker but was interested in the BBQ rub. 🙂

  • Ro

    Thanks got them all-BBQ rub,portable ashtray(smokin tool) and coupons.

  • they dont seem to have their gifts available to everyone. There is also a steel cup offer for some people on the stand for your brand page

  • Anita

    Got both! Thanks :wiggle:

  • JD

    I was comment 633. And I got the Smoketin.

  • 614xRocker

    For some reason their system kicks me out, apparently they don’t like my info…strange, since I didn’t use fake information. :confused:

  • rachel b.

    Site down, “routine maintenence”.

  • Douglas

    I am not a smoker either but I still get the free stuff to possible give away to people who I know smokes.

  • Douglas

    Keep refreashing, it will go through.

  • Allison B.

    I got the smoke tin thingy. I’m optimistic this will come.

    They sent me a pair of sunglasses for my birthday yesterday 🙂

  • heather

    routine maintenance??? grr

  • Denise

    got the tool but the rub is already gone. Thanks

  • Bobb

    It took a while but I got the Pint and Tool…Thank you 😎

  • BillB

    Gots me a $3 off coupon and a portable ash tray. Yee haw cowboy!

  • edyta

    where is the pint and tool I can’t find it :dunno:

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • JD

    They sent me playing cards for my birthday last month :/

  • Bobb

    My birthday is next month…hope they send me something :fingersx:

  • al

    any tricks on to how to get the smokin’ tool? My page shows a “submit” button, but nothing happens when I click it (like it does when I submit my info for the coupon).

    Any tips?

  • T

    Got my 3 portable ash trays :rofl:

  • Marissa

    Ordered the branded pint and smoketin, thanks!

  • Michael Muha

    Careful about indicating you are a smoker if you are not. It is the internet, public knowledge and your employer/insurance maybe verifying your smoker status to assign premium charges.

  • Glenn

    :wiggle: one time use……
    VALUE: $1.00

  • Glenn

    $1 MP3 credit expires 11:59 pm PST, January 31, 2013

  • bella


  • Couponluv72

    thank you again Chris for another good one :h5:

  • Couponluv72

    smoking isnt illegal ….yet

  • dan

    they sent me 3 pairs of sunglasses.

  • Tiffany

    Now I don’t smoke myself BUT I have no choice when I need a ride & my ride I get is most likely going to smoke anyway so I qualify as a smoker (by force) 😡

  • Garden Gal

    I had the smoke tin and a coupon for my offers. when I click on the stand for your brand, I already have my brand made and there was no offer. and so sign of a spice rub. so got the smoke tin and coupon. sweet.

  • Garden Gal

    my birthday was last month. they sent nothing to me.

  • Garden Gal

    no sign not so sign of spice rub.

  • Couponluv72

    went back and was able to get the smoking tool too! score :h5:

  • Couponluv72

    you have to choose one of the three options above the offer

  • Rita

    I think the butt tin is a great idea. if there is nowhere to put my butt in I put my butts in my pockets until I can throw them away properly. Thank you Marlobo what a great idea!!!

  • Bryan Loy

    Thank you!

  • colette koons

    trying to find the steel pint thank you for the coupons

  • Tony Paulsen . . got coup ons and pocket ashtray thank you

    😉 apreciate the gifts and discounts

  • james troutman

    how do i get this agian?

  • Susan Palko

    love this offer. Should have been at beginning of the summer. :fingersx: :fingersx: