-login or register and check your offers. If there are any left, and if you qualify, it will be listed there. It’s for the first 2,000 people each day at Noon eastern.

  • Mandy

    Guess I missed it. No offers except for coupons. :cry:

  • Marilyn Rosenow

    So did I score a failure. How long does this offer last

  • Ang3l

    :dunno: No dice for me.

  • johanne

    johanne Never see an offer

  • garden gal

    well it is now 1205pm est and the page for the site will not load.

  • John

    Got it thanks!

  • Marissa

    Got all excited when I saw it, and then got this on the confirmation page:


    Shoot. :uh:

  • garden gal

    do not have offer

  • bella

    Got it today when I logged in @ noon, yay!

  • Eric

    Got the bandana just after noon today.

    Recieved the steak sauce yesterday. :yum:

  • Bobb

    Watch out with the steak sauce…when I opened mine it sprayed all over me and my kitchen like it was Under Pressure

  • Jason KY

    I got mine but it was shattered inside the box!

  • paula

    all gone for today

  • Mel

    I was able to get one a few weeks ago! FINALLY I got something!

  • joseph

    I never got mine…checked the tracking it said in my area, but never received it

    maybe it exploded and USPS did not want to finish delivering it

  • joseph

    woot getting it!

    did not get it last time

  • Eric

    If you have problems getting any of the premiums that show as shipped, call Marlboro and they will make it right.

    VERY friendly to deal with on the phone.

  • TS

    You have to keep trying. I have received steak sauce, darts, two stainless pints cups, zippo lighter, and a bandanna is on its way.

  • Noah Allen

    This really bites! I enter my Marlboro contest everyday. How in the world did I miss out on the free bandana? All I’ve gotten lately is coupon offers.

  • Nima

    I just did it and got it and said 6-8 weeks before i get it

  • Pam i Am

    mine was shattered too..

  • garden gal

    I think you are maybe only able to get 3 items in a 90 day period. Once July hit, I was able to get the knife stone, ear buds, and guitar picks. now I get no more offers.

  • Ang3l

    An email from Marlboro will be arriving shortly. Click the confirmation link to complete your email registration.

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for your gift to be delivered. Check the status of your gift anytime by going to ORDER STATUS in the service area of My Marlboro.

  • imjustagirl

    Has been getting freebies from them last year but not this year.
    Anybody know why?
    My offer has only been coupons so what’s gives?

  • Jane

    :dunno: what pain to try not good! :(

  • garden gal

    got it. did not have a submit button in FF so switched to IE on an inner hunch thought, and there was the submit button.

  • Chris

    Swagbucks code FALLFASHION

  • AmyLK

    Got a free bandana! Thanks so much!