-go through the slides and at the end you will have an offer for a $5 credit anywhere that accepts Paypal.

  • Deb

    Super EASY!! Thank you:)

  • Bobb

    Thank you!!!

  • Tammy Howard


  • mymocha

    wish all ‘good’ freebies were this easy. now waiting to get it. thanks chris

  • bellac

    Nice, still seems to be working. thanks!

  • MrRob59


  • Craig

    It’s wrong. It is secured and an official Paypal site as you can see if you have Firefox. Can’t always trust antivirus, etc.

  • Brooke

    Thanks! I think that this is a coupon that will be applied to your paypal when you checkout at a site that accepts paypal. A head’s up on how to use just the $5, wal-mart accepts pay pal so you could buy a $5 walmart gift card (shipping is free)

  • MrRob59

    ok thanks I was just relaing what my avp said when it blocked the site ! sorry to scare anyone !

  • Allyson


  • Amanda402

    The fine print. ~ This PayPal coupon is non-transferable and valid for a single purchase from select merchants who accept coupons from PayPal. Coupon expires September 30th, 2014.

  • My Flower

    got it ty

  • eruby

    “You will receive your offer via email within a week. In the meantime, find out where PayPal is accepted or shop daily deals at”

  • Kat

    Doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Just goes directly to Paypal Homepage.

  • steph

    what slides? I see different information and a video but got no offer

  • steph

    of course it’s expired…

  • Melissa

    Anyone actually gotten the $5 in their account yet? Beginning to wonder if this is a scam, and maybe I need to change my paypal password

  • Pinckney4

    I have not either.

  • Macy

    Never got it either.

  • Michelle

    Yeah I never got it. I’m gonna just stop doing any of these paypal credits. They never get to my account.