• peekaboo

    Doesn’t wanna load for me :dunno:

  • JD

    Took a while to load but I got it! Sends a code to your email so it can either be uploaded to you Starbucks card or print out a coupon.

  • JD

    Also when I first started there were 6,500+ codes left. Now there are a little over 5,000 within a few minutes of first trying it.

  • Cari

    boo does not work for me either! :io:

  • Shawna

    I didn’t get an email yet. How long did it take to get code?

  • Shawna

    Nevermind!! I just got it, it took about 5minutes

  • :h5:

  • bella

    Works for me, awesome! :h5:

  • Michael B

    I can get the page and click the Send My Complimentary Gift Card button, after that it times out.

  • JD

    A few seconds. You may want to check your spam folder just in case.

  • Katharine

    Unable to connect. 😥

  • janet ortiz

    not able to connect. 🙁

  • peekaboo

    Of course, it works when I step away, and now it won’t work again :uh:

  • kay

    3800 left. Just keep refreshing/resending.

  • ec

    got it! took a lot of refreshing…
    thank you! 😀

  • Jenn

    Got mine, but my roommate’s isn’t coming through yet.

  • Ian

    It just has this spinning loading circle after I clicked the “Send Me” Button… Anybody else?

  • peekaboo

    I’ve been refreshing over and over-nothing 😥 but thanks 😀

  • peekaboo

    Ok, finally got the page up, allowed EVERYTHING (sheesh), and now it’s blank. 😡 OH wait, there it is-says to check my email. Waiting… and waiting…

  • anna

    Got mine, thank you

  • Kristin

    Said it would be sent to my email now just waiting for that! Thanks!

  • L

    Grr..expired. “We’re sorry, all eGift Cards have been claimed.
    However, we’d like to give you an opportunity to participate in
    future Amex Beta programs and offers. With American Express
    you can get access to more of the things you love –
    and not just your daily cup of coffee”

  • Henry

    All gone!

  • Jordyn

    EXPIRED! They’re all gone! Good thing i got 2! :kekeke:

  • iaiaia04

    what is the subject title on the email?

  • kay

    Well, said it went through when I posted earlier but I’ve still not gotten the email. 😥

  • anu

    American Express—–Your $5 gift card

  • Aut

    Woo-Hoo, I’ve gotten $7.69 in free Starbucks cards in the last 2 days!!! :bigthumb:

  • Eve Ghigliotti

    :wiggle: I GOT THE $2.60 THEN TODAY 3 OF THE $5.09 CASRDS. :kekeke: 3 MAILS & fb ACCTS. OF COURSE DID HELP.. :rofl:

  • Guerita


  • julie

    Nice!! THX Loaded it to the kids iPod starbucks app, now she can pay for her own Hot Choc!! :bigthumb:

  • julie

    nice!! I got the $2 as well

  • Nicole

    wow greedy, getting 2 or 3 sad! 😮