-they’re located on the lower part of the form.

  • Chris
  • Piplicious

    You want a free four pack of crayons if you aren’t in OK? Go to almost any diner and order a kids menu.

  • Audrine

    Lol true

  • Kyle W

    Finally an offer for us Okies! Lol

  • april

    54 irazoo for zappos

  • Larry

    Yeah!! too bad its only 4 crayons I guess they think that we aren’t old enough to use pens or pencils yet! :bigthumb:

  • Larry

    Free Crayons, really, this time of year? It is hot enough outside to melt a penny and they want to give us Okies free crayons?
    By the time they arrive at the post office, then after the mail carrier rides around all day with the windows open and then they sit in an oven like mailbox for the rest of the day before you get home to check the mail. they will be melted into a blob of wax! :uh:

  • texast

    :kekeke: Let us know if yall successfully receive your 4 crayons! :kekeke:

  • lily2614

    FINALLY something for us here in oklahoma. :wiggle:

  • Mike

    I got it, even though I live in Georgia. I put OK, but PO only recognize zip codes. :kekeke:

  • Larry

    will do!

  • spinny reeves

    my brother can use these :bigthumb:

  • katie