• Bamamom

    Thanks, Chris! Great freebie. :bigthumb:

  • kitty

    Thanks so much. :fingersx:

  • allie

    amazing! :h5:

  • gato

    Thank you for all that you do Chris. :bowdown:

  • kathisierra

    :h5: thanks sent for it for a friend who has cats.

  • Glenn

    we have 2 cat’s but they stay in their little pine box :wiggle: i also got it for a friend

    thanks chris

  • guest2

    Oh I love all the new Christmas emoticons Chris! And thanks for the heads up on the kitty food!

  • edyta

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  • al

    awesome! thanks so much!
    Happy Holidays!!!

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  • grr

    😀 Awesome! Thanks from me & the kitty 🙂

  • Blindfaith73

    Merlin Thanks you :yum:

  • mochi

    my mocha thanks you chris. hopefully it will be 3.5 lb bag! 😉

  • freebielvr

    promotion ended

  • Linda Jackson

    Please send me the hair all control cat food as offered thankyou