Text message: JOY to 78166 on your cell phone to get it

  • Gail Perry Mason

    I just love Restaurant.com Thanks for all your offers on Free Stuff times…You are the BEST!!!!

  • Lynne Z

    thanks! worked great and planning to go out and use it tonight :yum:

  • Lynn

    Ugh! Is this a virus?? It sent back a code but it seems the website to redeem it might be viral?? 😡

  • it redirects to restaurant.com :dunno: No issues on my end

  • Troy

    Worked perfectly…even for existing members who received the free $10 promotion a few weeks back!

  • anu

    I don’t have text in my phone :noes:

  • bella

    Thanks, worked for me! Reply “stop” to cancel future text messages from them.

  • msangelina

    I texted it nearly two hours ago and nothing happened.

  • liz

    Does this expire at some point? Just registered a new account and and have the credit sitting there.

  • Troy

    As far as I remember Restaurant.com certs never expire. They’re different than Living Social or Google Offers

  • Troy

    Although the credit in your account might..I can’t find any terms and conditions for this offer so I’d say use it as quickly as possible or risk losing the credit. Once you redeem for restaurant cert it doesn’t expire

  • Chantrells81

    Thanks, Got an immediate response.

  • I sent you my code anu :h5:

  • anu

    Thanks a lot!!You don’t have to do it….I really appreciate it.

  • charna rice

    Tyvm for the $25 giftcard!

  • ida

    It said All prizes have been claimed. 🙁

  • Kate

    How can you combine the two? Mine either says $10 or $25, not $35.

  • kris

    never got any reply back..it must not work for all carriers