-you have to be subscribed to the Pillsbury email list as of 10/29 to be eligible.

  • Garden Gal

    thanks 6-8 weeks

  • katrina

    GONE. 😥

    by the time i signed up, they were out.

  • Ladysteeler

    Thanks so much. Got it earlier this morning.

  • CP

    Just got one! Should arrive in 6-8 wks :fingersx:

  • janet ortiz

    This sucks I registered and then it said that its only for members.

  • maureen

    :wiggle: got mine

  • Rachael

    Thanks mine!

  • Rachael


  • charna rice

    very interesting

  • Anita

    Got it thanks. Love the recipes. Always get good cooking ideas.

  • elizabeth

    thank you!!

  • JC

    You have to be a registered member before 10/29. So if you are registered now, you can get one next year 😉

  • jean


  • jean


  • Bryan Loy

    Would Love to get A Calendar! Thanks!