Twice is a site where you can buy and sell Women’s clothing(similar to thredUP), and right now you can get a free $10 credit just for making an account here. Once you do that, go here and download their iPad app.  Open the app, login to your new account, and you’ll get another $10 credit. You can apply this to shipping($5), so you can get some clothing for free. Also, if you send in a bag of clothing using one of their prepaid bags, they’ll give you another $10 bonus credit.

-Update- They now have an iPhone app, so you can get another $10 credit if you have access to an iPhone or iPod touch. All you have to do is register here first, then open the app and login and the $10 credit will be applied to your account.

-Update 2 – Enter coupon code: EASTEREGG to make shipping free. This code is valid this weekend only.

  • Anne

    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.

  • Kayley

    Thanks! I got the first credit. Is there any way to get the second $10 credit without owning an iPad?

  • Amy

    Try the iTunes Store.

  • Chris

    no I tried to find a different way and I couldn’t find anything :(

  • Carmen


    So actually this info is false, there are no credits being issued unless you download the iPad app!

  • Retro

    Not for me I got the ten dollar credit just for joining

  • fob


  • elle

    what can i get for under $5?

  • elle

    i have $20 credit. i downloaded the app and also made an acct. it does work!

  • Ashleigh

    Regarding the referral incentive: Does anyone know if my referrals actually have to spend money, or when they use their credit will I get my credit too?

  • Jordyn

    When other referrals use your link, even if they get it for free it will add the $10 to your account. I had a $70 credit :)

  • me

    a lot of the clothes listed i can find cheaper on clearance and new at the retail stores. pass

  • kittymomma

    me too, not worth it.

  • Ashleigh

    :h5: Thanks!

  • mai

    I didn’t see anything I would pay those prices for. :( Thanks anyway

  • Holly

    I got a cute black Gap dress for $3.37 shipped!

  • Rachel A

    So glad they added the iphone option! Worked like a champ and a free dress is on the way to me! Thanks!!

  • Katie

    I used two different accounts and received $20 on one, and $30 on the other (an extra $10 for referring the first account). From that, I was able to buy an adorable skirt and a leather jacket from GUESS. Amazed and SOO excited. Thanks Chris!

  • Denise Brant

    This is really great freebie. I got $ for signing up and getting the app and I spent it on a pair of designer pants. I didn’t have to give my credit card info, just my name and address. I expect delivery on 12/26. This is really legitimate. I will definitely shop here again with or without any credits.

  • Jessica Rogers

    MYHABIT is offering free credits for referring friends, no purchase necessary. Refer 1 friend get $5, 5 friends get $25, 10 friends get $50! And if you order today before 2pm get free shipping!

  • amy

    The brands they accept are things I avoid having in my closet! Why pay so much money just for clothing?!?!?! Are people crazy or something?

  • Shannon

    This was great – got an amazing Anthropologie cardigan and bebe top

  • Rachel A

    Just an update, they do not give you a $10 credit for sending in items to sell. You can get a $10 if someone you refer sells $10 or more (easier said then done, I sent in a bunch of stuff and got an offer of $3!).

  • Jordyn sign up using my referral link on! its like ebay but everythings free and you bid with credits. get a free sign up bonus when using my link:)

  • Mel

    Just got two cute shirts FOR FREE!! Ann Taylor! Thanks!! :wiggle:

  • bella

    :h5: I got a $100 pair of jeans for free from them, and they fit perfectly and look like new. Great company.

  • Amber

    I just bought a shirt for free that was originally $55. Nice! Thanks as always! :h5:

  • mara

    Everything I like either is going to cost some money or someone else snagged it. :(

  • shari

    You can only use one coupon on top of your credits.


    Here’s my referral link for anyone who wants to use it.
    Thanks in advance!